Nue Sam – Sipho EP Review

Nue Sam has released her new EP, Budding South African artist, which is also her first-ever body of work! She dubs this release “Sipho”, comprising of three different features on three different songs.

When the world over was all panicky owing to the Covid situation, Nue was busy entering the Mzansi music scene. The talented songstress appeared on a compilation titled “iSambulo”, which saw the light of day in 2020. Nue was featured on tracks 3, 11 and 12. Although she had to collaborate with other artists on those tracks, her distinct spoken-word style and voice still stood out.

The compilation of ten tracks also had other artists showing up on different tracks to bless the instrumentals. Nue pressed on to drop her first release the following year off the back of this release. The song was named “Vuyolwethu”, and it features Bhulebendalo. And for a newcomer, the single did perform well.

Not relenting or showing signs of slowing down, Nue Sam has started her musical journey for the year by unleashing her new EP. Not only is it unique, but it also happens to be her very first anything in the form of a project. She means business, showing that she is here to stay. There is just something attractive about a resilient woman that knows what she wants.

Excited for her new EP, the singer jumped on her Twitter page and giddily wrote:

#SiphoEP is OUT NOW!!! Bless your day and night with this one… this one is for your soul 🙏❤ thokozani.

You could tell that she was indeed happy to let her fans, old and new, get dibs on her latest body of work. She can’t be that proud to share her new EP if she doesn’t know all the great vibes and goodies it contains. Speaking of content, the EP plays host to five charming songs, with features on tracks 2, 4 and 5.

Her EP titled “Sipho” has now been made available for all to groove to. On the first track, titled “Amadlozi”, the song begins calmly and takes off at that same pace, as Nue did some spoken words over a soothing singing voice that kept chanting the exact words repeatedly in the background.

Track two “Mayeh”, also begins calmly, ending with male and female voices blending into a sweet harmony, while Nue spoke confidently over their voices. On this one, she features Yallunder.

Track three, “Ejele”, starts with gentle strums of the acoustic guitar as a tender voice of a female soloist hummed and made harmonious sounds in the background while Nue got into her spoken word mood.

The fourth track, “Igunaphakade”, featuring another creative and spoken word artist, Zamoh Cofi, begins with keys of the grand piano. It played and played while the pair went off, getting in their spoke word elements and spitting words of fire that can make the hair at the back of your headstand.

Bringing things to a close is “Masiyeke” coming in at the fifth spot. She features Sjava, whose voice played a significant role in bringing out the song. Nue decides to introduce a few drums on this track, paving the way for the mood her spoken word energy came with. This last one seemed to have a more challenging production, as other instruments and synthesizers were brought into play.

If you love spoken word poetry or have an ear for great music, this is what you should have in your ears all weekend. It’s a must-listen!

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