Prince Kaybee – Music Theory Album Album Review

Afro House Disc Jockey and producer returned to the scene with a new album titled “Music Theory,” but did it hit the bar he set for himself years back? Here’s our review.

If anyone has tasted good success on the SA music scene, it’s Prince Kaybee. Kaybee rivals the most prominent artists and DJs on the scene because of the impressive number of hits he has accumulated through the years. The Mzansi star can take over an event and turn it into a Prince Kaybee party just by playing his hits alone.

However, recently, the “Fetch Your Life” star has not had as much success as he is used to. Before you nod in affirmation, you must know that Kaybee is still doing great work. His level of consistency and hard work differentiates him from a crowd of DJs.

Kaybee’s new album, “Music Theory,” landed on June 15, 2023. It was a highly anticipated project, and it dropped a little while after he left his former label (who he blamed for some of his past woes). The question was, “Will Kaybee replicate the success he is known for now he’s on his own?” “Would he reclaim the throne Piano took from everyone in the past few years?”

Cover Art

Prince Kaybee “Music Theory” cover art

Before we get into this, it would be fair to note that Prince Kaybee is not famous for his creative album covers. Simply put, his covers aren’t that creative. If you call a photo of him with the album title printed next to him “creative,” then you win. The Afro House DJ is most concerned about the music than he is about his album covers. But he did things a bit differently this time. He wore face paint and donned a black hoodie for the usual Kaybee cover art. We love the dark design and the mystery it spells.

Popular Tracks

One reason to love Prince Kaybee is how well he promotes his projects personally before they drop. As expected, the “Music Theory” album was preceded by several singles before it was released. He first dropped “Oh Boy” featuring Starr Healer, which made a good impression on the fans. Next, he released “Inkumbulo,” featuring Azana. You also would not be wrong if you called it the album’s most popular track. It is one of his most popular tracks on Spotify. “Amaphiko Ezono,” our personal favorite, was released as the album’s 3rd single. It also features vocals from Azana. We’d love a joint album from them.

Tracklist & Features

In our opinion, Prince Kaybee is a star maker. There is no denying the fact that he gave artists like Sir Trill and Sykes the prominence they deserved when he collaborated with them. On Kaybee’s new “Music Theory” album, he collaborated with some popular artists, including Starr Healer, Azana, Peekay Mzee, Robot Boii, and Pilani Bubu. He also rode solo on some of the album’s tracks. Of course, Kaybee can pull off a solo jam. The album contains eleven total tracks, with Kaybee as its sole producer.


With years in the game, Prince Kaybee has not only amassed a loyal fanbase, but he has also amassed some of SA music’s biggest critics. The success he has attained through the years has gained him great scrutiny. Everyone expects him to deliver. However, word on the street is that Kaybee did an excellent job with “Music Theory,” but not the kind that makes a Prince Kaybee album stand out. While the songs are well produced and the vocals impeccably delivered, “Music Theory” lacks hit songs. We might have to wait another year for another stand-out Prince Kaybee. However, big ups to him. He’s still king.

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