Q-Twins Sisters Turn 24 Today, Here Are Their Achievements Since Exiting Idols SA

Afrotainment stars, Q Twins turn 24 today. Check out some of their many achievements since they left the Idols SA show.

If anyone says that life has been fair to the Qwabe Twins we would all agree with them. Honestly, it has been one win after another for the inseparable duo. They have dominated the airwaves with DJ Tira’s Afrotainment label as their resting place.

It isn’t a lie that no one saw their success coming. If for anything, we felt that it was over for them when they both left the Idols SA contest. Little did we know that life had so much more in store. Now, they are currently two of the biggest stars in the country with a number of hits attached to their name, and a banging album that has received amazing reviews.

As the twins celebrate their 24th birthday, it would be nice to look back at some of the things they have achieved at such a young age. You never know who could be inspired to keep going just by reading this.

The Qwabe Twins’ journey on the Idols SA contest was both a happy and a sad one. The queens really came to win the show but that was short lived when one of them (Virginia) got evicted. We had all expected the other (Viggy) to keep going but she chose to leave voluntarily with her sister. We are guessing that they’re only about making it together, and not individually. Well, Mzansi was stunned but we couldn’t change their minds so they exited the show.

Then came Zahara offering a hand, and DJ Tira wielding an Afrotainment contract. Signing the contract and joining the Afrotainment label became one of the best decisions they ever made in their career. It also became the start of their dominance in the SA music industry. We basically saw them in a new light; as certified musicians and not as contestants on a singing show.

In December 2019, the twins officially made their musical debut with the release of the hit song “Hamba” featuring DJ Tira. Fortunately, the song became an instant success, amassing millions of streams across all platforms. As at April 2021, the “Hamba” music video has reached 10 million views on YouTube. They also performed the song for the first time on Live Amp with the Durban DJ.

It was followed by another single “Amagifts” which has also received positive reviews from fans. And then came their third release “Umama (Piti piti)”. They also contributed to songs by Prince Bulo (Uthando), K.O × J’Something & Msaki (Rainbow), and Character’s “Ngiyesaba”. Cementing their place in the music industry, the chart topping twins dropped their debut album “The Gift Of Love” to rave reviews from fans and music lovers. They have since collaborated with Jaziel Brothers, Slenda Da Dancing DJ, Live, Mduduzi Ncube and more.

Their success became quite obvious in May 2020, when they decided to spoil themselves by acquiring a new BMW. That had fans screaming “yessssss”. In March 2021, Daily Sun reported that the twins had bagged their first ever acting gig. Apparently, they’re set to appear in an upcoming sitcom titled Pastor Mjosty’s 731 Nina Street. According to reports, they have already started filming.

Speaking about it, the Pastor stated that it is exciting working with them. According to him, their bubbly nature makes everything easy. Viggy revealed that they were happy for such an opportunity.

Looking back at their journey to recognition, we would all agree that the Qwabe Twins have defied a lot of odds to be where they are now. The twins are currently one of the biggest duos in the country, and they continue to grow even bigger by the day.

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