Ricky Tyler Songs Top 8 (2020)

Top 8 Ricky Tyler songs from 2019 to 2020

Check out the top 8 songs from Ricky Tyler from 2019 to 2020.

It isn’t everyday you meet an artist whose music is from the soul and has so much depth. Everytime we hear Mzansi RnB and Soul singer, Ricky Tyler, we can almost feel his soul as he sings. That’s just the beauty of his music.

Since he made his debut to the music scene, he has only been on a steady climb. Of course when you release good music it would definitely bring you a good following and introduce you to a wider audience. We have seen him drop some very impressive tunes last year and this year.

We hear he’s also preparing to release his debut album “Small World”. It’s already available for pre-order. Now, here’s a top 8 list of his songs from last year to this year.

1. Everything

2. Thirty K’s

3. Deja Vu

4. Swerve

5. Breathing

6. Paranoid (Freestyle)

7. Alter Ego (Interlude)

8. Deja Vu (Acoustic Version)

9. Ecstasy

10. A.M

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