Semito Songs Top 10

Semito is one of the fine musos out there, in Mzansi and beyond. So we have decided to bring you some of his songs, listing the top ten of them.

Of course, opinion on a subject as this is purely subjective. But then we’re confident that at the end of this post you’ll at least agree with half of our choices of the songs from the songster.

Semito has been in the industry for several years and released seeral charming numbers that will keep you warm all day. We’re not goint to accommodate them all in this list, of course.

In determining his top ten songs, we adopted several criteria, including user appeal and streaming stats

Some of the songs on the are pretty recent. Others were released years ago. In all, the songs on this list form a sumptuous whole that should keep you entertained all week. You gotta savour them for their lyrical and didactic appeal. The list is given in no particular order.

1. Semito – Ungowami

2. Semito -Ndizozisola

3. Semito – Ungu Bae

4. Semito – Sebabatso

5. Semito – Babize

6. Semito – Kei Kemiseditse

7. Semito – Ndikhape

8. Semito – Bendicinga

9. Semito – Heshe

10. Semito – Ama Hemuhemu

What do you think of the songs on our list? Would you have adopted them or perhaps made another list? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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