Should Creatives Be Worried About The New Emerging “Hantavirus” In China

Whether or not creatives should be worried about the new emerging "Hantavirus" in China

Wondering if creatives could be affected by the new and emerging Hantavirus in China? Read this.

This year alone, the world has been hit in a huge way by the impact of the spread of the which originated in Wuhan, China. Nation after nation have been affected by the pandemic and it now threatens the world economy.

While many have panicked at it all, new reports by the Global Times reveal that a man from China’s Yunnan province died from a new virus while on a bus to Shandong province. The new virus was identified to be the Hantavirus.

According to research, the virus is carried and spread mainly by rodents (through their urine, faeces, and saliva). It has also become airborne but isn’t a reason to panick. Reports also reveal that infection with any of the Hantavirus can cause Hantavirus disease in people. According to the CDC website, there are two Hantaviruses;

  • In the Americas, called the “New World” hantaviruses which may cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) &
  • Hantaviruses in Europe and Asia called “Old World” hantaviruses which may cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)

However, that should be the least of your worries right now. Unlike the which has brought about the spread of the COVID-19, the Hantavirus is not new. It has actually been around for decades now and should not cause for any alarm.

Yes, human to human infection is also possible but also very rare. Scientists advice people to not panic about it because it isn’t the next Coronavirus. However, it is also advisable to steer clear of rodents and to also treat infestations when they occur.

Creatives are hereby adviced to adequately take care of rodent infestations, because if infected, it may lead to headaches, fever, chills, nausea, back & abdominal pains, and even blurred vision. Although, there are vaccines to cure the virus, it can deter one’s output as it may take about two weeks to manifest. So, simply keep a clean environment and you’ll be alright.

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