Song Review : Kelly Khumalo – Empini

Read our review of Kelly Khumalo’s hit song “Empini” taken off her album “Voice of Africa”.

We can’t be the only ones who think Kelly Khumalo absolutely delivered with all the new music that she dropped this year. She rightly revealed that the album has a touch of Soul and earth to it, and that’s absolutely true. You feel at home listening to it.

One of the “Voice of Africa” album’s biggest and most stand out songs, “Empini” is a song that wont be fading out anytime soon. From the moment it starts playing, you already know what to expect. The homely feel of the song kicks in when the chorus begins and she talks about dying at war. She and her choir of voices sing it more like it’s a fact that we will all die at war. It is tragic, sad, and hopeful.

As the song progresses, she sings about all the hate that people dish to each other in the world. For someone who has faced a lot of criticism and hate, it is safe to say she made lemonade with the lemons she was handed. Kelly’s vocals in the song sound beautifully pained. She sings about being amazed by all that people do.

Of course, she’s no stranger to it. The song’s chorus is very easy to remember. It’s the kind of song you find yourself singing along to about a minute into it. There are more repetitive lines in the song than actual full verses. The great thing about it is that it all works out well.

It feels like we get a peek into her mind when she sings about having people’s hopes placed on her. The Afro House song feels like a page in the life of Kelly Khumalo where she opens up without really saying much.

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