Song Review: Soa mattrix & Soulful G – uThando (feat. Shaun 101)

Read our review of the song “uThando” by Soa Mattrix & Soulful G featuring Shaun 101.

Everyone loves a good song. Scratch that. Everyone loves a good Amapiano song. Mzansi acts, Soa Mattrix, Soulful G, and Shaun 101 claimed the airwaves a month ago when they dropped their stunning collaboration “uThando”. Not many people would say they haven’t heard it because it has continued to grow in the airwaves.

Just like last year, the Amapiano genre has dominated the airwaves this year. Becoming the most dominant and successful genre of the year, many more Mzansi artists and DJs have contributed to its growth. Soa Mattrix, Soulful G, and Shaun 101 gave us a taste of goodness when they dropped the song “uThando” it fast became a success, announcing them more than any song they previously released.

“uThando” boasts a consistent beat with everything that makes up an Amapiano song. Nothing really changes from the start of the song till it ends. It just forges on. One thing that stands out is Soulful G’s very soulful vocals. From the moment she begins to sing on it, the song seems to rest and calmly unfold until it finishes.

Her vocals seem a bit smokey in the beginning, and blends perfectly with the song’s instrumental. There is something blissful about the song. We have no idea if it is spurred on by the vocals or the instrumentals, but it gives you a feeling of serenity. This is just the perfect song to play when you need to be alone. It feels like it would be a great companion in the lonely days.

It is a true masterpiece. From the production to the vocal delivery, everything is just perfect. It is no wonder that it has become quite popular in the airwaves. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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