Taylor Swift “It’s Time To Go” Review

Read our of Taylor Swift’s new song “It’s Time To Go”.

American singer, Taylor Swift has proven that she’s simply an amazing songwriter. Her last two albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” are just perfect depictions of how good a songwriter she is.

Before the year ended, she surprised her fans with the album “Evermore” calling it a continuation of the “Folklore” album. Truly, it was, and yet again, the songs were perfect. They still are. Swift recently released the album’s deluxe version featuring two new bonus tracks including this one “It’s Time To Go”.

One striking thing about the song is the strength that the song carries even in its noticeable sadness. In it, Taylor sings about knowing the time to leave a relationship. She also presents instances when people finally decide to walk away from friendships, love, relationships, and more.

Fans of the singer have speculated that the first few verses of the song where she sings “where the words of a sister / come back in whispers / to prove she was not / in fact what she seems / she’s a crook who was caught” is about her former friend, Karlie Kloss.

Taylor also sings about the painful in her career which made her walk away. Instead of painting “walking away”, “running”, and “leaving” as defeat, she says that it is the right thing sometimes. “It’s Time To Go” is undeniably one of Taylor’s most honest songs. While she references sad events in her own life, she also gives off a feeling of peace and strength which makes the song even more interesting.

It proves she’s finally made peace with where she is at in her life right now. The new song is a perfect fit for “Evermore”. This is more than just story telling, this is honesty and truth.

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