South African Gospel Songs Top 10 (2020)

Top 10 South African Gospel Songs (2019-2020)

Here are the top 10 South African songs released from 2019-2020 you should know about.

Trust that Mzansi does love her gospel songs. In fact, some of them are so universal and memorable that they are so much bigger than the mainstream songs you’re used to.

It would seem that some SA artistes went all out while making music last year. Some of the songs that were released were absolutely refreshing and does deserve a lot of credit. From to , all the artistes were absolutely incredible.

Here are some of the popular Gospel songs from last year till this year that you should never forget.

1. – Jesus You’re My Life

2. Benjamin Dube – You Will Never Leave Me

3. Benjamin Dube – Ngilawule

4. – Ewe Getsemane

5. – Ingumlilo (lento)

6. Joyous Celebration – Ngamthola (Akekho)

7. – Qhubeka

8. & – I Will Serve No Foreign God

9. Benjamin Dube ft – The Only One

10. Dr Tumi – I Keep Winning

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