South Africa’s Top 10 Potential December Jams

December is just a month away. Already, though, several jams could rule that month and even the New Year. These songs are from an eclectic mix of musicians, with some key figures appearing multiple times.

One thing that is unmistakable from the list is that, as usual. One genre is up there – so up that other genres might feel embarrassed.

It is easy to see that the genre is amapiano – which is currently the in-thing in South Africa – a genre that’s been stealing musos from other genres. But that’s by the way.

In no particular order, we bring you the 10 South African songs that are potential December jams. Not to be missed is the phrase “potential”. In the coming weeks, songs might be released that could snap spots from other songs on this list. Now, that’s the beauty of creation.

SA’s Top 10 Potential December Jams (Songs Of The Year)

1. Busta 929 – Ngixolele Ft. Boohle

“Ngixolele” is an amapiano song and one that might leave you drunk. But, with two key figures in the genre on the jam, you know at once that you have to make time for this number. The lead singer is one of the notable amapiano DJs out there. And the guest? A voice to hear!

2. Zakes Bantwini & Kasango – Osama

This “Osama” is not Bin Laden. And it’ll never be. Zakes Bantwini had teased “Osama,” a collaborative work with Kassango while delivering his set on the Kunye platform created by DJ Shimza.

The song blew up instantly and has been nine weeks at number 1 on South African radio – a milestone for any artist.

3. Young Stunna – Adiwele Ft. Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa

Young Stunna stunned many with his “Adiwele” tune featuring DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small. This splendid jam was part of Stunna’s debut “Notumato” album, a project for which he’s grateful to the two guest artists mentioned earlier.

4. Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa & Ami Faku – Abalele

Mzansi has never loved anything boring, so “Abalele,” a wild, invigorating jam, is a strong contender for December. The song brings together the Scorpion Kings as well as their associates from Vth Season.

5. Felo Le Tee & Myztro – 66

It cannot be determined why Mzansi pals Felo Le Tee and Myztro settled for a number, “66,” as the title of a song. But they made a smash. It’s hard to listen to the jam and not love it.

6. De Mthuda – Jola Ft. Sino Msolo & Da Muziqal Chef

“The Landlord” is here, and he asserts his authority with a song titled “Jola,” featuring Msolo and Da Muziqal Chef. The Chef is De Mthuda’s producer and one of the key figures in “The Landlord” album, from which “Jola” is taken.

7. DJ Maphorisa & Tyler ICU – Izolo Ft. Madumane, Mpura, Daliwonga & Visca

“Izolo” is one of the songs that rocked this year. It may have been a while since its release, but the charms of the song remain. Tyler ICU is more like a protégé to the other lead singer, DJ Maphorisa.

Also, the guests are among the notable voices in South Africa’s amapiano space. The Madumane you find among the guests is no other than DJ Maphorisa himself.

8. Mas Musiq – Uzozisola Ft. Aymos, Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa

“Uzozisola” is another lyrical winner and one with the potential to carry many into December and beyond. The song finds Mas Musiq spitting his bars alongside his contemporary Aymos, as well as the men who might pass as the leading voices in the piano genre in South Africa: Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa.

9. Mellow & Sleazy & Felo Le Tee – Bopha Ft. DJ Maphorisa, Madumane & Young Stunna

Mellow & Sleazy is a group of two young friends, and Felo Le Tee is a solo artist. When they linked up, however, they created something deserving of the flame emoji.

“Bopha” features some pretty strong names in South Africa’s amapiano space. Interestingly, DJ Maphorisa appeared twice in the song – first as Maphorisa and then as Madumane, amplifying his old claim that he’s the only artiste that can feature himself in his own song.

Young Stunna, who credits DJ Maphorisa with his emergence and growth on South Africa’s amapiano space, was on hand with a charming verse.

10. Busta 929 – Mmapula Ft. Mzu M

It’s another win for amapiano as one of its producers, Busta 929, pops on this list again with a song we have no qualms calling another potential December jam. “Mmapula” features Mzu M and is a winner on many levels. You only have to vibe with the song to experience its power.

For many in South Africa, December is the month to unwind and explore new experiences – and, of course, prepare for the New Year. With the songs given on our list, it is easy to look forward to the next month.

Viva December, Mzansi!

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