Soweto’s Finest Songs Top 10 2020

Soweto’s Finest does not make Mzansi’s most prolific list. But then the group has released some interesting numbers that we just cannot sleep on. In this post, we are going to bring you the group’s top 10 songs, in no particular order.

The year has been pretty slow for the group – as with several other groups in South Africa. At any rate, Soweto’s finest has released enough songs to make us have a list. Here, if you please, older songs are added so the list will be complete.

We are confident you’ll love the list anyway. You may want to check it out below and see why this Johannesburg-based quartet is part of the soul of the city.

1. Soweto’s Finest – Tikoloshi Ft. KayGee DaKing and Bizizi

2. Soweto’s Finest – Njalo Njalo Ft. Blaklez

3. Soweto’s Finest – Shube

4. Soweto’s Finest – Sgubhu Ft. Kid X

5. Soweto’s Finest – Groovers Park

6.  Soweto’s Finest – Bayeke

7. Soweto’s Finest – Kerata Wena Fela

8. Soweto’s Finest – Akvele Kbhujwe Feat. Demor & SK

9. Soweto’s Finest – Kings Of isbhujwa

10. Soweto’s Finest – Sgubhu Re-Up Ft. Kid X

What do you make of this list? You may want to make up your own list – or perhaps add and subtract from ours – in the comment section below, if you please.

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