Tammy Taylor Owner, Franchise, Practice Sheet, Price List, Nail Kit & Branches

Here is everything you should know about Tammy Taylor, including its owner, the franchise, price list, and more.


Tammy Taylor Nails is owned by philanthropist Tammy Taylor who has been revolutionizing the Nail and Beauty Industry since 1983. She is famous for promoting Education weekly on her YouTube channel. She has created thousands of products and procedures and taught over 5000 classes. The Tammy Taylor founder is a jack-of-all-trades and obvious master-of-all. She runs the corporation and develops new products, colors & daily techniques.


Founder Tammy Taylor was born in Southern California, where she was raised. She grew up a tomboy. She loved the beach and had even more love for nails. She worked as a newspaper delivery girl in her neighborhood. She used the money she made from work to buy press-on nails, and nail lacquers.

Growing up, Taylor had plans to be a lawyer at 17. Unfortunately, she could not afford to go to law school. She made other plans to enroll in a nail school and become a licensed nail technician. She would do nails and then pay for law school. She confirmed her passion for nails on her first day at Garden Grove School of Cosmetology. At age 18, Tammy opened up her first salon in Costa Mesa, CA, following graduation and passing the state board. At the time, the salon was only 385 square feet. It grew massive in 2 years. Also, her love for nails grew as her business grew.

Tammy decided to develop her nail products in 1983 after struggling with nail products in the market at the time. In her own words, “they weren’t working.” All on her own, she launched her brand in her nail salon. According to the Tammy Taylor website, Tammy’s first line of products included a Nail Liquid, Pink Nail Powder, White Nail Powder, and Non-Lifting Primer. With the massive growth and success the company her encountered, it now “carries over 2,000 products in her Core Line.”

After finding Tammy Taylor on YouTube, Melany Viljoen visited the Tammy Taylor Salon in the USA, where she agreed with the company to become the sole owner and distributor of the brand in South Africa. Following the establishment of the first Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa in the city of Pretoria, the franchise grew. There are now 40 salons across the country since then.


Tammy Taylor offers salon owners to partner with them and own a franchise. They offer to assist them in making their salon successful when they partner together. Owners have access to the assistance of a Regional Franchise and Success Manager who can give expert guidance. You can own a Tammy Taylor Franchise by signing up here.

Practice Sheet

To improve your skills, you can download the Tammy Taylor Practice Sheet here.

Price List

Tammy Taylor offers various services, including hand treatments, nail treatments, grooming treatments, foot treatments, and more. Find the entire price list in the menu section of the website.

Nail Kit

There are several Tammy Taylor nail kits available to customers. They include the Sculpt kit, Deluxe Sculpt Kit, Nail Plump Kit, At Home Waterless Pedicure Kit, Name A Better Duo Bundle, Deluxe Nail Plump Extension Kit, Mani Kit, Maintenance Kit, and more. See the full gallery and price lists here.


Tammy Taylor South Africa is located at Menlyn Woods Office Park, 291 Sprite Ave, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, South Africa. However, there are branches all over SA. You can spot a salon or store near you by entering your address or location here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Tammy Taylor?

Tammy Taylor is the owner of the Tammy Taylor Nails company worldwide.

  • Who owns Tammy Taylor?

Tammy Taylor Nails is owned by American philanthropist Tammy Taylor.

  • How much does Tammy Taylor make?

It is unknown how much Tammy Taylor makes annually. However, Tammy Taylor employees are said to be well paid. In South Africa, a Tammy Taylor nail technician is paid 17% above the national average monthly.

  • How much does it cost to get your nails done in South Africa?

The prices vary. They include the following and more;

French manicure
R 330.00
60 mins
Paraffin wax manicure
R 400.00
60 mins
Spa manicure
R 440.00
90 mins
Revarnish (only)
R 210.00
30 mins
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