The Reason Behind EFF National Shutdown & Why It Is Important

The economic Freedom, Fighters, a South African political party which prides itself on its red identity (it has the colour red as its symbol), continued pushing its revolutionary ideals with a threat to shut down the country. For had given several reasons for its actions, and even before its members poured into the streets in what it called a national shutdown, the red collective had put the government on notice.

A look into the history of the EFF shows that it has always been fighting one course or battle or the other. So, the current national shutdown shouldn’t surprise anyone conversant with the party.

But what exactly are the reasons for the national shutdown? Is the national shutdown even significant. You are welcome to tag along as we find answers to these questions.

Why is the EFF Protesting?

The EFF began its “strike” action as early as Monday. There are several reasons given for the protest, the most significant of them being South Africa’s energy crisis. The country has been plagued by load shedding and other energy-related issues that have persisted for long.

Even the exit of the chief Executive Officer of Eskom, Andre de Ruyter, has not exactly addressed the energy crisis. The EFF has obviously had enough, so it mobilised its members to pour into the streets in protest and “shut down” the country. President Cyril Ramaphosa is also targeted and the EFF want him to resign because as head of state, he has been unable to resolve the country’s energy crisis. The buck, after all, stops at his desk.

Why is the EFF National Shutdown Significant?

When EFF members poured into the streets in the spirit of the national shutdown, from Tembisa to Johannesburg, right down to Cape Town and Pretoria, some tweeps mocked the EFF for their action, which they also described as ineffectual at most. The government also responded with the SANDF.

The reality is that whether people agree about the outcome of the national shutdown or not, there is no denying that the EFF has exerted pressure on the government and let President Ramaphosa know that he must not be complacent but address the issues raised.

The Reason Behind Eff National Shutdown &Amp; Why It Is Important 2

These issues have, after all, affected many across South Africa, from small businesses to large ones. We have seen the likes of Maps Maponyane and Tbo Touch, supposedly rich South Africans, complain about having to close some of their businesses as a result of load shedding. Now imagine what entrepreneurs who are not as rich had to face.

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