Theses 8 Amapiano DJs Are Talented, Forget Hypes & Popularity

Forget hype and popularity; the following Amapiano artists are talented.

Mzansi has produced some of the best artists on the continent. The rise of Amapiano in Africa and the world has announced some of Mzansi’s best hitmakers across borders, increasing their fame and reach. Some of these stars have dominated the global airwaves with viral hits and songs we cannot get out of our heads.

While some would say they’re overly hyped, we say they are talented. Their rise did not happen overnight. They worked hard for it.

Kelvin Momo

Dubbed the king of Private Piano, no one does it better than Kelvin Momo. Indeed, the Amapiano DJ has come a long way to be where he is today. He released his first album, “Momo’s Private School,” in 2020 and earned praise for it. He is also renowned for his entertaining Live sets. Momo has been catching international eyes lately. He has gotten cosigns from top stars, including Drake and DJ Snake, who were in his DMs.

Kabza De Small

You cannot talk Amapiano without mentioning the king. Kabza De Small is regarded as the father of Amapiano because he is the one who gave it life. Kabelo walked so the others could run. It is no surprise that many Piano artists call him “dad.” Kabza pushed the genre when no one believed in it. He created Piano in ways that Mzansi could not ignore and also took it through borders. Don’t get us started on his Live sets.

Josiah De Disciple

Formerly one-half of the Piano duo, JazziDisciples, Josiah De Disciple, set off on his journey after Mr. split. We have come across claims that he is the more talented one. This may or may not be accurate. But Josiah De Disciple is undeniably a talent that chooses to be subtle and drops only classics. His production method is out of this world, and he lets his genius show when he makes music. He lets the music do the talking.

Vigro Deep

Imagine being young and riding with some of the biggest names in the world. Vigro Deep may be younger than most, but his talent is as old as time. The “Ke Star” hitmaker officially debuted in 2019 and has since been on fire with his releases. We loved every project he has released. His debut album “Baby Boy” earned him praise across the scene. He has since released more albums and hit songs since then. Vigro’s production has been praised following songs like “Ke Star,” “Untold Stories,” “Vula Vala,” and more.

Busta 929

In 2021, it seemed like Busta 929 busted out of nowhere and held the country in a chokehold. His talent has been undisputed since, and he stressed it with the projects. His first two albums, “Undisputed” volumes 1&2, cemented him as one of the top producers in the country. They earned him a seat at the table and bragging rights. Busta has since released more projects, including “Umsebenzi Wethu,” “Undisputed Vol 3”, and “Fearless,” etc.

Felo Le Tee

To call Felo Le Tee’s talent hype would be an insult to his work. True fans of the famous DJ and producer know he’s been around since 2013. That was when he released the “Just Living EP.” Every year since then (except 2017), he released more music and continued to rise. Between 2018-2020, Felo Le Tee began getting the respect and attention he deserved. He has since released some of the most acclaimed albums in the country, including “Elijah,” “Paradise,” and “Contagious.” He always has something up his sleeves.

Tyler ICU 

Some would say Tyler ICU gained attention during the pandemic, and they would not be wrong. He made the most of the quarantine and gave Mzansi the kind of music we could not ignore. We still remember how his jam “Kwarantin” gave us a thrill when it dropped. He worked with top stars, including Focalistic, Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, and Masterpiece, to make it happen. Tyler also earned acclaim following the release of the album “Money Heist” with Nicole Elocin. It opened massive doors for the two of them. Tyler has since dropped more music and climbed higher.


Visca may have been one of the most talked-about DJs in the country in 2022, but he’s actually been around for over a decade. His first EP, “Visca Tribal Junkie,” was released in January 2012. Visca has since honed his talent. He gained more attention in 2020 and dominated the scene the most in 2022. Visca’s “Through Thick and Thin” was very well-received. He also teamed up with DJ Maphorisa and released the “Ba Straata” album, his most successful yet. His talent is evident, and the fans see it.

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