#TM10v10 Usher Vs Chris Brown Battle, Here Is How It Went Down

What went down at the #TM10v10 Usher Vs Chris Brown Battle

Here’s all that went down at the #TM10v10 Usher Vs Chris Brown Battle.

The world has come to rely on social media for all their entertainment since the lockdown and quarantine began. We may all be locked within our houses but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.

For a while now, artists all over the world have battled each other with their brilliant music catalogues. It would shock you at how much people still love hits from many years back.

Yesterday, two greats faced off against each other and it was a battle to remember. With millions in both album and digital sales, Chris Brown and Usher are undeniably two greats in the music industry.

However, only one star took the crown. You may have heard it was the “Climax” hit maker who did. Trust us, it was a battle for the books. We’ll run you through all that went down.

The first round featured two old hits, Breezy’s “Run It”, and Usher’s “U Remind Me”. Of course fans were torn by the two amazing hits. But with a total of 20,362 votes, Usher beat Breezy earning 75 percent of the votes while Chris Brown earned 25. Yes, that wasn’t close at all.

The second round featured Usher’s “I Need A Girl (Part 1)” against Chris Brown’s “Post To Be”. Both songs were features with other artists. Out of a total 24,972 votes cast, Usher claimed a second victory with 67 percent while Brown garnered 33.

The third round featured Chris’ “Say Goodbye” against Usher’s “Confessions (Part 2)” in which a total 26,437 votes were cast. Usher won a third time with with 76 percent, and Chris Brown, 24.

However Chris Brown made a big come up in the fourth round with his hit “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” against Usher’s “My Way”. He earned 85 percent of 28,412 votes while Usher earned 15.

In round 5, Usher’s “U Got It Bad” was up against Breezy’s “Kiss Kiss” with 28,049 votes were cast. Usher won again with 60% which Breezy earned 40.

Round 6 gave Usher a fifth win with “Lovers And Friends” pitted against Chris’ “Hold You Down”. He earned a total 56% of 27,259 while Breezy garnered 44% of the votes.

In Round 7, Chris Brown bounced back with 58% of 29,310 votes for his song “Take You Down”, against 42% for Usher’s “Can U Handle It”.

However, Usher rose hit a new highin Round 8 with 73% of 29,556 for “My Boo” while Chris Brown’s “Poppin” earned 27% of the votes.

Not letting go without a fight, Chris brown rose again with 58% of 27,475 votes for “Wet The Bed” in Round 9, while Usher’s “Superstar” earned 42%.

The final round gave Chris Brown a fourth win with “No Guidance” earning 52% of 28,605 while Usher’s “Nice & Slow” earned 48%. This was one impressive battle between two R&B Kings but Usher reigned victorious.

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