“Too Hot to Handle” Season 4 Cast And Their Social Media Handles

Too Hot to Handle, Yeah, that’s the title. Beyond that, of course, this Netflix original isn’t exactly too hot for you, the reality show connoisseur to handle. It is up there in drama, giving you a lot to savor and ponder.

The Netflix reality show is currently in its fourth season and sees 10 contestants (you might say singletons, lol) live out their lives briefly together and see how things work with them in the relationship department.

The show, described as infamous by some fans, is currently in its fourth season. The season has precisely ten singletons, of both natural genders, who will live their lives together for a while and see how they bond.

The cast members of the current season are as varied as they come, but they are united by a common ambition to come out in the wash. How they achieve their dreams is not something we would want to dwell on.

Instead, we bring you some bio-pieces about them and share their social media handles with you so you can check them out some more. Let’s roll now, shall we?

“Too Hot to Handle” Season 4 Cast And Their Social Media Handles

Nigel Euro

With his lavish good looks and affable personality, Nigel Euro, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, might pass off as the ideal catch for most ladies. He is pretty expressive and delights in the charms of his person, hard-hitting one-liners, and general confidence.

While it is unclear if he is on Twitter, he is known to be active on Instagram, where he documents his life in its many colors and locales.

His handle on that platform is @NigelEuro_ and you can check him out below. If you get carried away by the pictures, you shouldn’t blame yourself. Nigel is hot as a bloke.


Brighton, England native Sophie wouldn’t mind a regular hangout where he would have a mug of coffee while immersed in engaging conversation. Sophie is just 22, and by her admission, she has had one long-term relationship.

The relationship put her off exploring other relationship possibilities outside. But the relationship is over now and Sophie has all the time she can get to explore outside. So why not use it on the Netflix reality show?

She is in for a new adventure and is more than happy to be and affirm the same. Sophie has a simple mantra: “If all else fails then at least I laugh at my jokes.”

With just “Sophie,” it’s hard finding her on Twitter. However, her active Instagram account is Sophie Stonehouse.

Jawahir Khalifa

For a model who loves a good time and good company. Jawahir Khalifa’s appearance on the show shouldn’t be surprising. She is more than happy to be on the show, where she expects to bring her “catwalk decadence” to the delight of viewers.

By her admission, she had had one relationship and isn’t used to having her advance truncated by anyone. Would her experience be different in Too Hot To Handle? Time will tell. For now, the Amsterdam native, who is just 22, is happy to flow with the wave.


“I always say to my friends: maybe it’s melanin, maybe I was born with it.”

“To be honest: life is really about sharing beautiful moments with beautiful souls, happiness exist only when shared.”

Jawahir Khalifa is active on Twitter (@jawahirkhalifa). Since the account isn’t verified, it is unclear if she is the one.

She is active on Instagram: @jawahirkhalifa

Nick Kici

“Minds on the move” was the catchphrase of smartphone maker Eten years ago. It may well be used to describe Nick, an adventure-loving Michigan native, who has traveled the world and dated in different countries, from Mexico to Australia, down to the Philippines – to mention a few.

Nick, who is happily spiritually inclined, is a massive believer in his own powers and always wants more from life. He is out to continue exploring his adventurous side with this reality show. A good time and good company. And Nick just might show up.

He is active on Instagram @NickKici


This James is not an apostle of the Bible, LOL. But you are more than welcome to call him an apostle of a good time. The Hawaii-born physical therapist is just 23 years old but has experienced the world.

Most likely than not, you would find James at a good party, where he effortlessly unleashes his charms on those present. James plays basketball. He readily admits he is currently single and takes advantage of them in his social life. Hopefully, someone wouldn’t find him too hot to handle on the Netflix reality show. LOL.

James is active on Instagram, where he shares aspects of his life, from boxing to time at the gym, in a basketball court, and so much more.

His Instagram handle is: @JamesPendergrass_

Brittan Byrd

Another one for Hawaii, Brittan! The 22-year-old model readily admits she’s a daddy’s girl at heart. But, of course, that in no way means she doesn’t have a mind of her own. On the contrary, she is psychologically alert and conversant with human nature.

By her own admission, she has men all figured out. What’s more? She knows how to get what she wants. So keep an eye on her and refused to be fooled by her easy smile.

She is active on Twitter at @byrd_brittan. The account isn’t verified, though.

She is also active on Instagram: @Brittan_Byrd

Dominique Defoe

Dominique is a computer science student from Colorado who sees herself as a combination of beauty and brains. Her interests transcend computers though, as you would most likely also see her reading tarot cards to friends while also manifesting her desires.

It’s unclear how she would manifest her dreams on the set of Too Hot To Handle, But then, she is out to have a good time.

It’s unclear if she is on Twitter. However, her Instagram handle is: @DominiqueDefoe


Kayla knows herself and she knows her onions, too. She exudes so much confidence and has no trouble propping before the world just how beautiful she is “inside and out.” She is truly charming, so one cannot fault the verdict on herself.

Kayla Richart loves fiercely and has no qualms about “going the extra mile” to show how she fancies someone. Of course, she, herself, isn’t short of attention.

There is a Twitter account in her name @kayla_richart, but it isn’t verified.

Her Instagram handle is @KaylaRichart

Sebastian Melrose

Some mothers have them. Er, we mean Brighton has them Seb is another Brighton native on the Too Hot To Handle show. He prides himself in being a Scottish/ Salvadoreño racing driver. So you might as well say he loves life on the fast lane. But it goes beyond what you might have in mind.

Seb loves life, himself, and his time, so he has no qualms about sending “her” away the morning after a good time.

He is active on Twitter: @seb_melrose

He is also active on Instagram: @SebMelrose

Creed McKinnon

This Creed is not a perfume line, LOL. But then Creed McKinnon oozes good vibes wherever he goes. He is not your typical bloke – or so he says – and confesses to being the center of attention most times when he pops into a party.

At 24, Creed is already an ambitious entrepreneur. He is from Perth in Australia.


“A good hug is so underrated.”

Creed is active on Twitter: @CreedMcKinnon

He is also active on Instagram at the same handle: @CreedMcKinnon

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