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Our focus shifts today to the Golden Child himself “Adekunle Gold”. Adekunle Kosoko known professionally as Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian High-life Singer, Songwriter and Graphic designer. Over the years he has been able to dish out two solid Albums. His debut album “Gold” was a 16 track project which won him the hearts of Nigerians. With the professionalism and the cultural appraisal he displays people couldn’t get enough of his music. The album was produced by Pheelz, Mastercraft, B banks,Sleekamo,Oscar and Seyikz, while he was still under the YBNL record label. The second album “About 30” released in 2018 was also a hit as it became peoples favorite and street anthems were formed from it. We will be taking a look at some of the Best Songs from this music genius. Here are the Top 10 Songs from Adekunle Gold;

This song by Adekunle Gold talked about “living ones life to the fullest”. My Life is one of the songs off his debut album‘GOLD’in 2016 under the YBNL record label owned by Indigenous Nigerian rapper Olamide . This song is a perfect blend of beautiful lyrics, a great melody, and groove, that lingered on in the hearts of Nigerians for years. The song was Later adorned with an amazing video directed by AJE Film-works. The video was set in the 60s and showed Adekunle Gold living is life to the fullest. This one is a sure hit. Check it out.


This song by Adekunle Gold features songstress Simi, who he is also married to. This is the first single they released together as couples. In the  Love filled and romantic tune, Adekunle Gold promises Simi loads of love and affections as they both kick start a forever journey. A Visual which featured clips of their white wedding was later released to do justice to the lyrics of the song. Adekunle Gold Speaking about the track said it was not only a song but a vow between him and his wife. This is a definite hit track. Check it out.

This song by Adekunle Gold talked on life’s journey. This is a personal song which reflects on his life’s journey with a message that inspired fans all across the World. The song off his second album “About 30″ released in 2018 was one hit track that became a street anthem. the song was adorned by a  slow tempo and accompanied by traditional Yoruba percussion sounds. Adekunle Gold sang in his native Yoruba language. He also sings in English for an uncharacteristic amount of time, alluding to his desire for the song’s important lessons to be understood. According to Adekunle Gold, “’Ire’ is a symbolic summary of my his life experiences and his journey to becoming Adekunle Gold”.The visuals of the sound directed by AJE film-works did justice to the lyrics of the song. Check it out

This song by Adekunle Gold talks on “affluence”. This is a song off his 2nd studio album “About 30” released in 2018. The song was co-produced by Adekunle Gold himself and pheelz. In the song Adekunle Gold talked about the Importance of money and beckoned on his creator to bless him with it. The visuals directed by AJE Film-works made sure to display Gold’s graphic art skills, where his face was pasted on every single Naira note in the song  and did absolute justice to the lyrics of the song. Check it out

This song talked on betrayal at its fullest. This song is one of the tracks from his sophomore album “About 30” released in 2018. The album contains 16 tracks being one of the most sought after in Nigeria. The song which talks about the betrayal of love uses the adaptation of the biblical character Delilah. The visuals which featured cameo appearances by songstress “Seyi Shay” also received a lot of buzz and remained on Nigerian Music Charts for a while. Check it out.

This is a catchy song which he just played with, but the song did so well that Adekunle still went on and featured it as an extra on the “About 30” album in 2018. The song produced by Pheelz talked about love and he urged his loved one to always beckon on him during her lonely days. The song had a bit of a reggae-dance-hall fusion to it and was appreciated with a dance-video visual which was also directed by AJE Film-works. Check it out.

This is a song that talked about Love, Patience and Endurance. This is a popular track off his “Gold” album under YBNL records in 2016. “Orente” which according to Gold means “Loyal, good and beautiful girl” was produced by seasoned producer Oscar. In this song Gold professes is undying love for a woman who even through the hustle and not having anything in life still stuck by him. The visuals of the song was directed by AJE Film-works. Check it out.

This song speaks on love and is one of his single releases in 2019. The hit track “before you wake up” produced by prolific Nigerian producer Sess, saw Afro pop singer and songwriter Adekunle Gold in an up-tempo track and dance-able tune. In the song he professes his undying love to his female of interest and promises to always be there when she wakes up. The visual which was portrayed in a dance-able mood also did justice to the song. Check it out.

This song talked about making requests for prosperity. This is a song off his debut album “Gold” under YBNL in 2016. The song which was produced by Pheelz is quite nice and soulful. The song talked about Adekunle asking his creator to answer is prayers which was signified with the phrase “pick up the call”. The visuals of the song by AJE also did justice to the song. Check it out.

This song talks about being humble. The song is a track from his debut album “Gold” under the YBNL label in 2016. The song talks about how humility goes a long way in achieving favors from God and how been boastful because of your wealth is not a way forward.The song was adorned with a visual shot by Adasa Cookey and has since become and all time favorite. Check it out.

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