Top 10 Instagram Reels Viral Songs

Check out our list of the world's top 10 Instagram reels viral songs in 2021

Many songs have blown up this year and claimed the airwaves in the best ways. It is amazing that these songs first went viral on social media before impacting the charts and the airwaves. Now, check out our list of the top 10 songs that went viral on Instagram reels.

  • Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

After being released in August 2015, Taylor Swift came through with the re-recorded version of her hit song “Wildest Dreams” in September this year. The song was a surprise release. Its first snippet was used in a trailer for the animated film Spirit Untamed. It went viral soon after it dropped.

  • Drivers License – Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo attained instant success with her debut single, “Drivers License”. The song was released in January 2021 as the lead single for her debut album “Sour”. She had teased the song for months before dropping it. The song went on to top the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Global, and Billboard Global Excl. The US.

  • Woman – Doja Cat

Doja Cat released “Woman” in October 2021 as the fourth official single from her album “Planet Her”. The Afro Pop and Afrobeats-inspired song, which is centred on female divinity, became an instant success following the album’s release. It has since charted across various parts of the world, including Europe, North America, and more.

  • Sua Amiga Deu – Mc Levin

Multi-talented Brazilian singer MC Levin has turned head with his viral hit song ‘Sua Amiga Deu”. The song attained success after going viral on social media. It is currently one of the most streamed songs of 2021.

  • Love Nwantiti Remix – Ckay ft. DJ Yo! & AX’EL

CKay’s “Love Nwantinti Remix” is undeniably one of the biggest songs this year. Surprisingly, the original song was released alongside the EP “CKay The First” in 2019, but it did not do well. Following the remix version featuring contributions from DJ Yo! & AX’EL, the song went viral on social media. It has since charted in various parts of the world, including the UK, the US, and more.

  • Up – Cardi B

Cardi B owned the year with the second single, “Up”, off her forthcoming sophomore album. The song quickly went viral due to its catchy lyrics and its music video’s dance-along vibe. It also topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has received a 2022 Grammy nod for Best Rap Performance.

  • Toxic – Britney Spears

The magic of social media was exactly what Britney spears needed to have one of the year’s most talked-about songs. Her 2003 hit song “Toxic” went viral, spawning more covers from fellow artists and fans from across the world.

  • Money – Lisa

Popular Black Pink member Lisa is no stranger to a viral song. However, she did it solo with her single “Money”. The catchy lyrics “drop some money” was exactly what the song needed to become a viral success. It has since hit charts and airwaves across the world.

  • NDA – Billie Eilish

Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Billie Eilish stole the spotlight when her song “NDA” was released. The music fast dominated social media due to its theme and bouncy vibe. It also spawned various viral covers while gaining reactions from fans worldwide. The song eventually charted at number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 and multiple charts worldwide.

  • Lights On – Red Lights Flashing

Lights On joined the year’s viral stars following the massive interest in the song “Red Lights Flashing”. It fast became a hit across the world, gaining love from fans. It has since been one of the year’s most talked-about songs.

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