Maskandi Songs Top 10 (2020)

Maskandi artists are the new wave of artist taking over the South African music scene of late. The Maskandi genre is Zulu folk music that is evolving in the South African music scene. It is known as the music of a man who sings about his life experience. Although the genre was more peculiar to men, now the genre has seen more women like Busi Mhlongo come on board.

The type of music is mostly popular in KwaZulu-Natal province, due to its rich Zulu heritage. The genre has helped discovered artistes like Ntencane, Khuzani among others. The Maskandi genre seems to be the second best selling genre in South Africa, after the gospel music genre. Maskandi genre has also become popular in regions like Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Here are the top 10 best Maskandi songs for the year 2020. Feel free to add your suggestions to the list below.

  • Ntencane – Wawuthembeni

  • Khuzani – Isilingo

  • Shwi noMtekhala – Imali

  • Khuzani Ishende

  • Ihhashi Elimhlophe – Ama Waza Waza

  • Ntencane – Iphunga Lendoda Yami

  • Ichwane Lebhaca – Imali Yesoso

  • Ithwasa Lekhansela – Umalume

  • Shwi Nomtekhala – Sibuyile

  • Mzukulu – Sabathile

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