Top 10 Mshoza Songs

Check out our list of the top 10 songs from late Kwaito musician, Mshoza.

It is sad how we have lost some very amazing talent this year. All this sadness and craziness have been unexpected but we have learned to hold on the memories we have of these artists and strengthen the legacy that they built.

On Thursday, news broke that popular Kwaito musician, Mshoza had died. Reports revealed that she died from complications from Diabetes. News about her being diabetic first broke back in 2014. She made the reveal after she was rushed to the hospital following a health scare. News of her death was shared by her manager of 11 years.

Nomasonto Maswanganyi aka Mshoza is regarded as the first lady of Kwaito. She earned the title following the release of her hit song “Kortes” which was released from her debut album “Bulldawgz First Lady”. She has also worked successfully with stars, Mzambiya and Msawawa.

In 2016, she made a comeback to the music scene with the song “Abantu Bam”, on which she worked with Jindela. She is survived by her two children, and two sisters.

1. Kortes ft. Mzambiya

Mshoza ft Mzambiya - Kortes (Video)

2. Abantu Bam

Mshoza Abantu Bam

3. Ayina Chorus

Mshoza Ayina Chorus  (Official Audio)

4. Bade Lami

Bade Lami (Chatha Mix)

5. Hlaba Lingene

mshoza - hlaba lingene

6. True Love ft. DJ Bongz

Mshoza- True Love (feat. DJ Bongz) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

7. Yi Bhoza

Mshoza Yi Bhoza

8. Bhoza

Mshoza Bhoza

9. Ez’m Nama Gen’gam

Ez'm Nama Gen'gam (Piti)

10. Heat of the Night

Heat of The Night

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