Top 10 Songs in Mozambique

Top songs in Mozambique

Mozambique music which include the native folk music has been greatly influenced by Portuguese forms. Marrabenta is the most popular style of modern dance music. Their song is also influenced by Lusophone music in Brasil, namely the maxxie and Cuban music. Music has also played a vital tole in their country formation, like most African Countries.

Mozambique music comprises of different genres, like the Timbila, Marrabenta, Pandza and Hip hop which also has a fusion of their traditional music. Various artistes like Mr Bow, Marllen, Dama du bling, Kakana among others,  belongs to the various music genres. The Mozambique music scene like every other African countries music scene, has  gotten various international recognition and some artistes have done collaborations with other top artistes in Africa and beyond.

The following are top 10 songs in Mozambique which took over the music scene from 2019-2020. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list

1. Mr Bow – Politxa

2. Marllen Ft Dama – Do Bling

3. Alcione – Meu Ebano

4. Exaltsamba – Me Apaixonei Pela Pessoa Errada (Ao Vivo)

5. ManeGalinha – Pim Pim Pum

6. Twenty Fingers – Tava Quase

7. Mr Bow – Tsovani Minengue

8. Kakana – Xiluva

9. Ghorwane – Vana Va Ndota

10. Neyma Part. Dina Medina – Gosto do teu Beijo

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