Top 10 Songs In Zimbabwe

Top songs in Zimbabwe from 2019-2020

Over the years Zimbabwean music has been characterized by Folk tale and pop styles. Most of the folk songs comprises of instruments like mbira, Ngoma drums and hosho. Like every other African country, music has played a vital role in the history of the country.

There are different genres in Zimbabwe, which includes Afro jazz, Chimurenga music, Zimdancehall, Jit, Rumba, Gospel, Bulayo, and Urban groove which is a mix of American rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Soul and other international music genre with traditional Zimbabwean music. Various artistes like Hillzy, Takura, Freeman, Jah Prayzah among others,  belongs to the various music genres. Like many other African music industry, the Zimbabwean music scene has also gotten various international recognition and some artistes have done collaborations with other top artistes in Africa and beyond.

The following are top 10 songs from Zimbabwe which took over the music scene from 2019-2020. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list

1. Hillzy – TV Room Ft. Garry Mapanzure

2. Takura Zvemoyo

3. Jah Prayzah – Sadza NeMuriwo

4. Freeman – Ngaibake

5.Tocky Vibes – Binga

6. Gupsy Warrior x Tocky Vibes – Nhamo

7. Freeman – Miridzo

8.Rachel J – Ngoro

9. Janet – Manyowa

10. Enzo Ishall – Magnate

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