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Here are top 10 Tekno Miles songs of all time:

It’s not always an easy task picking top songs released by an artiste as there’s a lot of disagreement on what defines top, still we will like to weigh in on this and make a list of songs we think are his best.

10. Rara

This 2017 song was a sociopolitical song that addressed ills in the society. With a music video directed by Director Q, the song is one of our faves.

9. Pana

Okay, this is one of the biggest songs he can boast of till date. Got remixes and trended. More than 100 million YouTube views too. Of course it made the list. Why not?

8. Duro

Another favorite. Released in 2015, this was one of the songs that rocked dancefloors then. He has always been a hitmaker from the early days and we like that this song can still get you dancing even today.

7. Yawa

This song introduced us to Monica even as he begged her not to leave, saying if she did, yawa go dey. Released in 2017, this song will still get you off your feet, dancing. Love, love it.

6. Diana

This song. This song. Playing it again now and I had to pause twice to dance. Tekno really did win a lot of people over with his talent. Released in 2016, the song still matters today. Some people can’t deleted it from their playlists too.

5. Wash

This song A 2015 song produced by DJ Coublon, this song has that famous line about Monica again. Another song that was rocked to the fullest in 2015 and can still give you good memories today.

4. Go

One of his 2017 releases under Ubi Franklin‘s Made Men Music. He produced the song himself and it was a hit, another one to spice up the year. We listened and rocked this and it of course made the list.

3. Where

a 2016 song that connected with a lot of fans. Made many playlists too and it’s easily one of his best songs till date. We love it and it’s cool to place it on this list.

2. Jogodo

The jogodo anthem that caused a problem with the Danfo Driver singers. They later settled of course and linked up on a remix together. Solid showing from him.

1. On You

Released last year, this is one of the top songs from him. We love it and it of course has a guaranteed spot on this list. We sign out with this song.

What do you make of our list? Accurate or not? Let’s hear it!

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