Top 5 Websites To Read The Latest News In South Africa

South African has evolved remarkably since the abolition of apartheid, a degenerate system that buried dream and  left the majority of the population bitter and angry and liable to violent eruptions. Never again.

With the abolition of apartheid came hope, dreams, as well as many new businesses – not just for the blacks but for those who wouldn’t want to do any business in an apartheid enclave out of principles.

South has grown remarkably in every way imaginable, with several news corporations or websites disseminating the goings in the country as well as overseas. In a sea of sites daily broadcasting news about South Africa, picking the top 5 might not be easy, since the idea of top is subjective.

Anyway, several news websites stand out. And in this post we’re going to share the top 5 websites to read the latest news in South Africa. News covers just about every aspect of society, from entertainment to banking to finance and international relations. You name it. So, depending on your interests, the sites to visit to get the latest news are markedly different. The list, in no particular order…

1. A General List.

Some sites focus on specific aspects of South African Life while ignoring other aspects. This reality makes this generalist desirable. If, for instance you’re keen about South African music, entertainment, and celebs – websites specifically focused on those – you might want to check out the following:

  • com ― in an industry dying from copy-and-pasteo-lunacy, Hitvibes provides a daily stream of original content in South African music and entertainment. It’s one of the best South African music blogs out there.
  • com ―taken from South Africa (ZA) and celebs, Zalebs serves a daily sumptuous dose on South African celebrities. It is sometimes the first to break news about them.
  • com ―Oh, no, including ourselves is by no means a sign of narcissism. Although fairly new on the scene, UbeToo has emerged as an authoritative voice on South African music and musicians. Not surprisingly, it has been the victim of soulless content scrapers.
  • com ― is one site that just about every lover of language will readily bookmark. Content on the site is well written ―a world above the crowd!

2. TimesLive

TimesLive is a well-edited website bringing readers a sumptuous feast of stories, on South and occasionally the world, encapsulating politics, Sports, Lifestyle, and entertainment. If you’re interested in South Africa at all, you just should not ignore TimesLive.

3. Briefly

Briefly might be the name of this site, but its stories are anything but brief. The website is owned by a Russian who also owns (Kenya) and (formerly and

One thing that can’t be missed about the site is that its stories are well-edited. Briefly serves South an eclectic mix of human interest stories from around the world, politics, as well as lifestyle. It has managed to stay neutral in its reporting.

4. Mail & Guardian (MG)

Founded back in 2010, Mail & Guardian is not only one of the most authoritative news sources out there, it is the go-to place if, like me, you fancy yourself a linguistic hedonist. To read Mail & Guardian is to smile every minute at the quality of the language. I stan!

5. News24

True to its name, News24 serves the news around the clock, cluing the news lover in on what’s happening in the Rainbow Nation and beyond. News24 reporting covers global news, Africa, sports, technology, breaking news, and more. With a domain authority of 91, it’s also justly favoured by search engines.

Well, what do you make of the sites on our list? Would you have adopted them all or created your own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.