Top South African Hip-hop Artists

Hip-hop as a genre is a culture that evolved from the African Americans. it migrated to other parts of the world and South Africa also got in on the culture. A lot of artistes in SA have gotten in on the culture and have released topnotch songs, which has increased the popularity of the genre. We will be taking a look at some of the spectacular Hip hop artistes in South Africa.

1. AKA

AKA has arguably become one of the biggest Hip-hop artistes in South Africa, with his lyrical prowess and collaborations. AKA always prides himself as a first class Hip hop citizen when he performs in shows among international artiste.  He has  opened for top Hip-hop artiste on international shows, speaking of artists like Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, 2 chains amongst others.  His discography is a form of rap royalty and has been able to release not only party songs but inspirational songs, From his “Celebrate” single to “Jika” and “Fela in Versace”, it as been nothing short of awesomeness.

2. Nasty C

The SMA crooner is known for his awesomely composed lyrics. His music has being getting a lot better with time and this is seen from the hit singles he has released. One of his major performance was opening up for AKA at an event in 2013, he surpassed expectations at the event and made him a most sought after artiste in South Africa. He also got signed to one of the biggest record label (Universal Music Group) at a very young age, which is not very common with budding Hip-hop artistes. He was also one of the youngest artistes to win an award at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) . He was also invited internationally to shows headlined by top Hip-hop artistes abroad and he has an impressive number of followers on Social Media.

3. Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest since his debut has created one of the most prestigious career. He has released up to 4 albums with the 4th having an impressive collaborative list. He seats at the uppermost part of the rap scene, having strong lyrical formations, evident from his singles like “Doc Shebeleza”, “Mama I Made it”, “Destiny” among others. Listening to his songs you can feel the power of his lyrics and every song by him has an emotional backing to it. He once filled up The Dome which has a capacity of 20,000 at one of his concerts. He has managed to rise over the cause of 5 years to be one of the most sought after Hip hop artistes in South Africa. He has made a name for himself in the game by following trends and featuring legendary South African Acts like the “Mahotela Queens” which not every Hip-hop artist will do, as it is a risk on its own.

4. Sho Madjozi

Sho Madjozi is undeniable one of the best performers in South Africa. Few years into the game she has been able to carve a niche for herself, evident from her songs “John Cena”, “Huku” among others. She is known as a supreme lyricist and has gotten recognized at the BET awards as the Best international artiste for Africa. She has toured abroad and has performed at shows headlined by the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z.

5. K.O

K.O been one of the Hip hop artist that has been around for a while (over 12 Years),has been able to give awesome delivery on his promise with his music that has fed fans thirst for unique sounds for years. K.O has over time being breaking grounds, from the release of his song like “Supa Dupa” to “No fear”.K.O also  released a platinum certified debut solo album Skhanda Republic, which has gotten him award at the SAMA. His lyrical goal is on point and he is one of the best MCs in the game.

6. A-reece

A-reece is known as the most “valuable”person in the South African Hip hop game. Over the years he has been able to release critically acclaimed albums like “Paradise”, which got major positive views from people. He was able to achieve his rise by going back to his drawing board (after his controversial exit from Ambitiouz Entertainment) to come up with another game plan that actually worked well in his favor. He and is crew are at the moment producing some of the hit songs all over South Africa at the moment

7. Riky Rick

Riky Rick is one of the most esteemed Hip hop artiste in South Africa. He has been able to master the act of lyrical formation which is evident in his earlier releases like “Boss Zonke”, “Nafukwa”, “Stay Shining” among others. He is also one of the most stylish artistes in South Africa.

8. Emtee

Emtee is one of the South African artiste that is pushing the South African trap music to the outside world. His lyrical composition is one of the best in the game, this is evident from his songs like”Roll up”, “We Up”, “winning among others. He was able to walk away with the Best Rap album at the South African music awards which shows to prove his MC game is deep and recognized.

9. The Big Hash

The Big Hash’s passion and grit for the Hip hop game is undeniably strong. Knowing what he wanted at an early age he was able to perfect his rap skills and lyric composition skills. Big hash has also done some awesome collaborations with top and budding artiste, also with his recent ambassadorial role for Adidas SA, this also proves brands are also seeking  after him. He is a talented, confident, smart artiste who has a story to tell.

10. Shane Eagle

The artiste has built a large fan base, that rides for him even with his short career. He works with lyrics which everyone can relate to and show persistence, while also playing the rap game by his own rules. The artiste has had a lot of sold out shows and had over a million streams of his songs.

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