Unveiling the Shadows: The Dark Legacy of TB Joshua

A Comprehensive Examination of Abuse Allegations Against the Late Megachurch Leader

n a shocking revelation that has sent ripples across the globe, the late Nigerian televangelist and pastor TB Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), is at the center of grave allegations of sexual assault, physical abuse, and exploitation. These accusations have been brought to light through a series of investigations by various news outlets and a BBC documentary, painting a harrowing picture of the supposed man of God.

TB Joshua, who passed away in June 2021, was a figure of immense influence, attracting thousands to his church and millions to his broadcasts. However, beneath this veneer of spirituality and philanthropy lay a disturbing reality. Over 25 former members of SCOAN, hailing from countries including the UK, Nigeria, the US, South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, and Germany, have come forward with consistent testimonies of abuse spanning nearly three decades.

These former disciples, some as young as 15 when they joined the church, recounted experiences of rape, forced abortions, flogging, and psychological manipulation within the church’s compound in Lagos, Nigeria. Women have spoken of being repeatedly raped by Joshua, leading to multiple forced abortions. One woman reported undergoing five such procedures.

The BBC’s two-year investigation, conducted in collaboration with international media platform openDemocracy, involved over 15 journalists across three continents. They gathered extensive evidence, including video recordings and documents, to corroborate these testimonies. The investigation revealed that Joshua not only committed these heinous acts but also faked miraculous healings, which were broadcast worldwide.

Joshua’s empire, built on the promise of prosperity and miraculous healings, attracted a global following. His church was a hub for international visitors, and his televised sermons and healings reached millions. However, these investigations have now cast a shadow over his legacy, revealing a systematic abuse of power and trust.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations, still operational under the leadership of Joshua’s widow, Evelyn, has denied these allegations. However, the testimonies of the victims paint a starkly different picture. The revelations have prompted calls for a thorough investigation into the church’s activities and Joshua’s legacy.

This scandal has not only shaken the foundations of SCOAN but also raised critical questions about accountability and oversight in religious institutions. As the world grapples with the revelations, the victims’ quest for justice continues, hoping to shed light on the dark secrets hidden behind the walls of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

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