Vusinator Songs Top 10 (2020)

Listen: Vusinator – LalaVuka Feat. Soso

Vusinator is one of the vibrant voices in South African music – a voice we love and are a confident you are going to love, too.

His voice, mastermind of “Wild Love,” resonates mostly across the house music orbit in the rainbow Nation. But then he can exhibit dexterity in the amapiano universe as well. Has been doing so, really.

The songster has got many songs to his name, this should expected, especially since he is not a newbie in the game. From his kitty we have picked 10 songs that should constitute his top 10 up to this point. Some of the songs are pretty recent. Others are not. But you are going to enjoy them all the same

You may want to join us as we take a walk into the corridor of the musician’s top 10 songs.

The list we draw up might sync with yours. Perhaps not. At any rate, you may want to check out our list and maybe give us your in the comment section. Or even add to ours. You are welcome to take such liberties.

Now check out Vusinator Songs Top 10 (2020).

  1. Gigabyte

  1. Bafoza (Natored Mix)

  1. Sgubu (Natored Mix)

4 . Ishuu

  1. Saka Ft. Nina

  1. Sabela Ft. Tumilemangu

7. Basazozwa

  1. A song of Appreciation Ft. Zaah & Makatara

  1. Lockdown Anthem ft. Jobe London, Jadenfunky & Baby

  1. Ubani