What It Really Means To Be A Slay Queen

The word slay queen means different things to different people. To some people, the word is an insult. And to some others?  A compliment, of course. It is doubtful there would ever be a consensus who a slay queen is.

However, we love the way Your Dictionary defines it: “A young gold digger who is active on social media and pretends to afford a lavish partying lifestyle.” Yeah, these are mostly the characteristics of slay queens as we know them.

So what it really means to be a slay queen? Come along with me. At the end of the post I hope you don’t break the biggest candle on my head.

1. You’re more interested in clothes and parties than in your head

You see, you might be a slay queen without even realizing it. When you’re more concerned with how well you dress and how people might perceive you online, and end up bombing social media with hundreds of pictures of you rocking clothes and shoes, especially of top brand, sorry babes, you’re a slay queen.

You’re also a party nut and the first to burn the dance floor with your feet. Go home, sis.

2. You’re on every thread discussing the latest trends in shoes and clothes

Mental calisthenics bore you; you would rather be found discussing the latest Versace and Gucci gown than global warming and the imagination that goes into making a Tesla. Such topics bore you… You only go to social media to let people there know how beautiful you look in the latest clothes and shoes and care not at all to let the world into your head because, unfortunately, it is filled with cotton wool.

3. You have no qualms insulting a bloke on the way

You’re the princess of all things shiny ― there for the money and he who has the money. Most times you have no qualms insulting a bod who isn’t financially secure, but you’d be the first person to pop on his selfies once he’s made.

4. You’re team fake it until you make it

You have no qualms claiming to have it all when you have nothing at all. You would take a million photos until you finally snap one that’s ideal for the gram. You’d leave your house for the crib of a wealthy associate ― or stranger ― and take a hundred photos, passing the crib off as your own. And although you have no known source of income, you’re probably using the latest iPhone and Samsung.

What’s your name again? Slay Queen!