WhatsApp GB: What Is It?, The Risks, Benefits & Where To Download Latest APK Version

Find out all you need to know about WhatsApp GB; what it is, the risks and benefits, and where to download the latest APK version of the app.

Everyone seems to be talking about WhatsApp GB on social media. You may have seen how much it has dominated the trends lists. However, there seem to be more negative reactions to it than positive ones. iPhone users, especially seem to have a problem with it and they haven’t held back their comments. Now, before you judge, here is everything you should know about the new app that’s freaking everyone out.

What is WhatsApp GB?

An article on India Today describes it as a clone of the original WhatsApp. However, it is preferred by many because it comes with additional features that the original app does not offer. Everyone knows how much WhatsApp has been trolled for being limited when it comes to several features that some other “inferior” apps offer as opposed to it. Unfortunately, WhatsApp GB is not as secure as you may think it is. While it seems enticing, users are not aware of the risks of using it. We will gladly expose you to all of it.


WhatsApp GB can only be downloaded through an APK. Some of the additional features it offers include hidden message ticks, auto-reply, resending messages without forwarding tags, anti-deleting of messages, and even anti-status deleting. It also enables you to have dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device. These features are the reasons why a lot of people are freaked out by it.

While WhatsApp may be the biggest messaging app in the world, its latest various needed features have caused users to complain. Unfortunately, some of the recent apps offer these features while WhatsApp seems to be dragging its feet to deliver. That’s why many have opted for WhatsApp GB.

Where To Download It

While you can easily download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, the WhatsApp GB app is not available there. You can only get it by downloading the APK and installing it on your phone. This is not possible for Apple users but only for Android users. You can download it;

Here or Here or Here, Here.

The GB WhatsApp was created by third-party developers whose intentions were to build on WhatsApp. It is in no way connected to the original messaging app. It provides the same experience that the original app offers but with additional features. Some of these features were mentioned above.


WhatsApp has warned users against downloading these apps. They have called it the “unsupported version of WhatsApp” and have threatened to temporarily ban anyone using the app instead of the original one. Accounts also get banned permanently if users don’t switch even after being temporarily banned.

Here are some tweets about WhatsApp GB.

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