Who Is Gaisang K Noge From The Wife On Showmax

Gaisang K Noge is one of the latest additions to the popular series The Wife, a Showmax telenovela that’s pivoting into its third season. She’s taking over from where Hlomu and Zandile left. 

In case you’re clueless about the above, so far, the series has been broadcast in this order: Mbalenhle Mavimbela as Hlomu, The Wife, and  Khanyi Mbau as Zandile, The Resolute.

Now viewers get to meet Gaisang K Noge as Naledi, His Love. Welcome to season three. But how well do you know Gaisang Noge? Join us as we share some details about her and the character she’s playing, compared to her life as an individual. 

  • She’s similar to the Naledi character she played in The Wife 

Gaisang shares several similar qualities with the character she played in The Wife. First off, like Naledi, Gaisang is resolute and strives to get whatever she puts her mind to. She also counts herself as stubborn and disciplined like the character. 

Although it is not very pronounced, she has a soft side too. 

  • She’s not a qualified doctor

Although she’s playing the role of a doctor who falls in love with one of the Zulu brothers, Qhawe (Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo), she never went to medical school and isn’t a qualified medical doctor. She’s also clueless if she would stay if she found out her husband is a killer from a family of gangsters. 

  • She started acting professionally in 2018

Gaisang Noge may have been in the industry earlier than 2018, but she only started acting professionally in that year. Her most famous role before her adventures in TheWife was as Mampho in another popular telenovela, House of Zwide. 

  • She was nervous during the casting for The Wife

Gaisang may not have made her acting debut with The Wife, but she was most nervous during the casting for the role. She examined that her nervousness might partly be due to her love for the character, Naledi, who loves fiercely and truly and expresses the same. 

  • She was born in 1996

Gaisang is currently 25 years old, having been born in June 1996. She’ll be 26 next month, and she is so looking forward to the occasion. 

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