Who is Mrs Leo, The Controversial ‘RHOCT’ Star

For some reality show lovers, the Real Housewives of Cape Town is the in-thing right now – an avenue for dram and intrigues and what say you. The show is one of the latest additions to the Real Housewives franchise.

Expectedly, in shows of this nature, you have several viewers rooting for one cast member o the other, expressing their views about almost everyone on the show. So while we wouldn’t want to discuss all members of the cast in this post, we’d bring you just one of them: Loveline Abinokhauno.

Known simply as Mrs Leo, Loveline Abinokhauno has already captured viewers’ attention, with many pointing to her as a controversial figure. In this article, we share some interesting facts about the reality show star. So, hop along!

  1. the singular purpose of joining the show was to debunk rumours about her

Most people don’t do things randomly. Their actions are backed with serious intent, and they go all in when they start. That’s precisely the case with Mrs Leo. Speaking on why she decided to join the cast, the reality star noted she wanted to set the record straight and debunk the rumours about her.

She has a lot to say about life, family, relationships and spirituality. And the opinions people have about her regarding these subjects might not reflect her in real life. So why not correct the crowd by Showing up for the Real Housewives of Durban?

  1. she’s family-oriented and has been married for 14 years

Not everyone fancies family or even having children. Mrs Leo is one shining exception. She loves kids and has never hidden that love. She’s been married for the past 14 years to a bloke in whom she’s well pleased, Innocent “Mr Leo.”

The couple is blessed with four children – three daughters and a son. The family shares a deep bond.

  1. She’s a North West native and an influencer

Mrs Leo might be in Cape Town at the moment, but she isn’t originally from the place. She merely settled down there and has since made a life for herself that many are envious of.

Years back,  pre-social media, influencing was not as extensive as it is today. However, that’s changed, and many people are making a killing from it. Mrs Leo is one such person. She’s a blogger and an influencer and doing quite well on the beat.

What did we miss? You can share those with us.

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