Who Is Penuel Mlotshwa?

Penuel Lungelo Mlotshwa, popularly called Penuel Mlotshwa, is a speaker, author, and general adviser from South Africa. He was born in Madadeni Township, Newcastle, in March 1986. Penuel celebrated his 36th birthday in March 2022.

Penuel Mlotshwa matriculated from Newcastle High School (after attending Chelmsford Primary, Newcastle Junior Primary, and Newcastle Senior Primary). While in high school, he was a straight-A student and the head boy. He was also a passionate choirboy, a rugby player, and a star athlete.

After high school, Mlotshwa obtained his Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree in Accounting & Economics from Rhodes University in Grahamstown/Makhanda. Later, he did his Honours in Accounting at the University of Johannesburg. He has slowly and steadily risen to prominence in South Africa. Mlotshwa has worked for  Empowered, ABSA, Standard Bank & Uyandiswa/Adapt IT.

He is also known for his entrepreneurial endeavors. According to his official website, Penuel has been involved in book retail, visual art retail, fast food, trucl removals, meter taxis, livestock farming, event hosting, clothing retail, micro-loans & general financial services. In honor of his mother, Penuel also runs a non-profit organization named The Mamsie Foundation. The organization focuses on soup kitchens, sports days, clothing donations & educational workshops.

Penuel is also a family man who enjoys playing touch rugby, long-distance running, and hiking. He is a father of 6 children, namely, Nkunzi, Zulu, Afrika, Shaka, Nkanyezi & Nyanga. He is known to be close to all his kids. Penuel is not your usual spiritual individual. He is believed to have created his own religion named penuelism. He spreads his own gospel through some of the books he has written, his Penuelism principles, and via posts shared on social media. He draws inspiration and learns from the top religions and cultures of the world.

Penuel has gained a lot of prominence for his work as an author, a speaker, and a general advisor. A has amassed a loyal following on various social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. He is known to constantly post videos on various topics, including current affairs, finance, parenting, and other important trending societal issues. His videos gain significant traffic on YouTube. They have a range of views reaching between 10,000 and 150,000.

Penuel Mlotshwa has written quite a number of books. They are 13 in number, including three fictional books, three business books, five diary books, one parenting book & a book on Penuelism Principles. He is also known to give people advice on various issues and topics. He does this both physically and virtually (online). This makes him endearing to his fans and followers.

Through his advice, he helps people “navigate life, love, money & business.” He is also often referred to as “god Penuel.” He travels around South to speak to stokvel groups, families, schools, and business employees. He also speaks to other groups that seek his knowledge and unique perspectives on things happening in the world.

He described a Penuelist as “someone who:

– Acknowledges God Penuel as their leader, teacher & life guide
– Dresses in black daily
– Exercises daily
– Grows their own food
– Is a critical thinker
– Leads wherever they are
– Is non-racialist & non-sexist
– Is a Global Citizen
– Solves problems”

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