Who Were The Whakaari Volcano Victims? Fatalities And Survivors

A look at the Whakaari volcano victims, the fatalities, and survivors. The Netflix documentary, ‘The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari,’ shines a light on the heartbreaking incident.

Netflix’s new documentary has everyone talking and imagining one of the world’s most heartbreaking incidents. The documentary “The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari” details the unfortunate and unexpected eruption of the Whakaari (White Island) volcano in New Zealand on 9 December 2019.

It was on a Monday at 2:11 p.m. when the Whakaari volcano exploded, releasing a series of violent blasts, flinging ash 12,000 feet into the sky and down hot debris. Shane Cronin, an Earth scientist at the University of Auckland, told National Geographic that it “was probably the actual worst-case scenario,”

According to the true story, 47 people were visiting the island at the time of the volcano’s eruption. The sightseers opened up about the frightful event. One said, “I knew what could happen out there, but you don’t believe it will happen.” Another who visited the island on a honeymoon voiced her biggest fear, “I thought this was it. We’re going to die on our honeymoon.”

Things got scarier when rescue workers couldn’t get to the survivors on time due to the eruption and its aftermath. People on the island affected by the eruption came from various parts of the world. The Guardian reported that “twenty-four people were from Australia, nine from the U.S., two from the U.K., four from Germany, five from New Zealand, two from China, and one from Malaysia.”

A total of 22 people lost their lives that sad day. They included Australian brothers Berend Hollander, 16, and Matthew Hollander, 13, with their parents, Martin and Barbara. Gavin Dallow, 53, and his step-daughter Zoe Hosking, 15, also Australians, died in the explosion. Gavin’s wife survived but was in critical condition. Days later, authorities identified the people who lost their lives in the eruption.

The BBC listed them as follows;

  • Richard Aaron Elzer, 32, from Australia
  • Barbara Jean Hollander, 49, from the U.S.
  • Berend Lawrence Hollander, 16, from the U.S.
  • Matthew Robert Hollander, 13, from the U.S.
  • Martin Berend Hollander, 48, from Australia
  • Julie Richards, 47, from Australia
  • Jessica Richards, 20, from Australia
  • Krystal Eve Browitt, 21, from Australia
  • Tipene Maangi, 24, from New Zealand
  • Zoe Ella Hosking, 15, from Australia
  • Gavin Brian Dallow, 53, from Australia
  • Karla Michelle Mathews, 32, from Australia
  • Jason David Griffiths, 33, from Australia
  • Kristine Elizabeth Langford, 45, from Australia
  • Anthony James Langford, 51, from Australia
  • Winona Jane Langford, 17, from Australia
  • Hayden Bryan Marshall-Inman, 40, from New Zealand.

Survivors include Jesse Langford, who lost his parents and sister, and Kelsey, a tour guide who underwent multiple surgeries and had to learn how to walk again. Others include Lisa Dallow and Jake Milbank. The island has been closed to visitors since.

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