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We now come to the turn of mama Afrika herself, Yemi Alade and dig quickly into the list of songs she has released to try to choose the ones we think are her best.

1. Bum Bum

This song from Yemi Alade was released last year and is one of her favorites. She has since made a remix for it but this one still resonates. A win, if we say so.

2. Oh My Gosh

Another 2018 song. This song had an accompanying music video that resonates. She got a gift from someone that made her happy, making her scream. She has always known her way around making songs that tell stories work and she didn’t disappoint on that.

3. Ferrari

This song released in 2016 was one of the songs in her sophomore Mama Africa album. That album was where she earned that name and has worn it proudly since then. A top song too that talks about material love.

4. Na Gode

Released in 2015, this song was produced by Selebobo who also featured on the song. She veered on the edge of gospel music on this even though she reverted back to her default settings after that. She had worked with Selebobo before then and they had a musical chemistry on this. Top song.

5. Give Dem

A recent song drawn from her Woman of Steel project. The song was one of the songs released before the album itself dropped. Funny enough, Tiwa Savage that had always been pitted against her has praised the album too. We love the song.

6. Johnny

This song from Yemi Alade released in 2014 has more than 100 million streams and she was recently presented with a creator award by YouTube. It’s a no brainer than this is one of her best till date.

7. Tumbum

This 2016 song is one of the songs off her sophomore Mama Africa album. It had its rounds too and we loved listening to it. Plus, the comic start to it was admirable then and still funny now.

8. Mr Stamina

This song was released last year and while it admittedly didn’t have as much popularity as the others, it still made a huge splash and is one of our favorites on the black magic album. A recommended listen, especially seeing as it introduced a different style from her.

9. Bounce

This song was her experimenting too. She is good no doubt but has been accused of being one-dimensional. On this song released earlier in the year, she went a different direction and it’s not bad too.

What do you make of our list? Share your comments in the comments section.

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