Zanda Zakuza “Khaya Lam” Album Review

Here is a track by track of ‘s recently released album “Khaya Lam”.

On Friday, October 9, popular Mzansi vocalist, delivered her highly anticipated album “Khaya Lam”, and fans had a thrill vibing to it. Prior to its released, she dropped the song “Khaya Lami” featuring Master KG and Prince Benza.

The brand new album features a total of 15 tracks including contributions from some of Mzansi’s notable names including Bongo Beats, Mr Brown, DJ TPZ, Mr Chozen, Master KG, Prince Benza and Tendaness. Every featured act on the project, does well on it. Now let’s conduct a of each track.

In the first song, she sings about the “Land of the Forgiving”. Her vocals sound faraway yet as clear as day, and she delivers an impressive performance, asking if we can go to the land of the forbidden. The song is followed by the vibey dance track “Khaya Lam” which features Master KG and Prince Benza. The featured acts do a good number on it, and Zanda’s vocals brings it home.

“Awuyazi Oyifunayo” follows after the second track. The song which features Bongo Beats has a laid back vibe. The energy is great, but also calming all at once. It simply grows on you. It is followed by the Mr Brown feature “I Believe (Afro Soul mix)”. One thing that stands out in this one is her vocals. It is both calming, and beautiful. Zanda owns the entire song, delivery, backup and all. She sings about believing in herself.

The energy continues with “Life Goes On”. As usual, she makes you dance as she delivers the song, and reminds you that whatever happens, life goes one. This will definitely be a fan favourite. It carries a certain vibe that attaches itself to you the minute it starts playing. She comes back with the original “I Believe” track and makes us love it even more.

The next song “Ndimhle” with Sino Msolo is a personal favourite. The light thump and the strings do it for us. The track is very dreamy, and sounds like a fantasy. It is followed by another energetic track, “Dancing In The Rain”. Bongo Beats’ production on this one is very impressive, and makes you want to dance away your sorrows. She sings about turning to God and doing right with Him. By the way, her vocal delivery is daunting on it.

She continues in the same energy with “Molo” which also features production from Bongo Beats. Like a few of the songs on the album, this one builds up, as she sings to someone she hasn’t spoken to in a while. Next, she rides with DJ TPZ and Mr Chozen on “Umuntu Wami”. Afro House is glorified in this one. This should definitely be a single. It is so radio-friendly.

Next, Zanda tells us who she is in “My Name Is”. This is also laid back, and makes you bop your head to its slow rhythm. The next song “Feelings” does not disappoint. It is both groovy and honest. She sings about her happiness, and opens up about her feelings. Hopefully, you understand her.

“Amagama” brings back the high energy. Indeed the dragon in her always shows up when you need her. This has Amapiano influences which make the song all the more inviting. Next, we “Walk A Mile” with her and Tendaness. The vocals on this are impressive, and would make you smile. She closes the album in a strong manner with “Kuyobamnandi”. Same manner she opened it. She rides solo on the electric song which calls you to dance the minute it starts playing.

Zanda’s work on the “Khaya Lam” is very impressive. She raises the bar for herself, and shows she can do as well as she did with “Synthia (The Journey)”. You’ll love it.

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