Amanda du-Pont Biography: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Twin Sister, Child, House, Ethnicity & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Amanda du-Pont
Real Name: Amanda du-Pont
Occupation: Model, Actress, Television Host
Date Of Birth/Age: 26 June 1988
Place of Birth: Manzini, Swaziland
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African, Swazi
Marital Status: Married (to Shawn Rodriques, 2020)
Education: New York Film Academy

Amanda Du-Pont Biography

Amanda Du-Pont is an actress of both Swazi and South African citizenship. She was born to Henry Du-Pont and Antoinette Du-Pont in Manzini, Swaziland.

She lived briefly with her cousin Alulutho Du Pont, with whom, much later, she moved to Mpumalanga, A South African province, where she attended Uplands College.

After college Amanda got a scholarship to study at the New York Film Academy, where she had a great introduction to film and acting.

Back in South Africa, she launched her career as an actress. She had featured on several flicks, including Loksion Bioskop:Andilalanga and  Life is Wild (as Senna). In 2014, she played the leading role in the film Between Friends. In the same year, she made her debut on Skeem Saam (as Nompumelelo “Lelo” Mthiyane), a role she retains to this day.

She has also featured on films like Hear Me Move, Generations, 10 Days In Sun City, Taryn and Sharon, Task Force, and Shadow.

Amanda Du-Pont has big dreams of working with A- at an international level and one day winning an Oscar. In the interim, she is holding to the Lifetime Achievement award she got at the age of 21 from Swaziland’s Department of Arts & Culture

Besides acting, Amanda Du-Pont is also a television presenter. She anchors SABC-3’s “Cave Man” and “Biting About.”


Where some celebs prefer to keep their age secret, Amanda Du-Pont is okay telling the world hers. The Generations star is currently 32 years. She’ll be 33 in June.

Net Worth

Amanda Du-Pont is doing well as an entertainer. She might be counted among actresses living the life – as the saying goes. She has an estimated net worth of R25 million.


The bod who is today known as Amanda Du-Pont’s husband was formerly her boyfriend, Shawn Rodrigues. The two got married in 2020. Before the two got married, Amanda Du-Pont had flaunted her man on Instagram.

In one of her posts, showing them hugging, she had stated that those who should find true love should hold on tight. She tagged her man to the post.

In an Instagram post, the actress had revealed it was her grandmothers wish to see her married before she (grandmother) died. And when she eventually passed, Amanda shared a heartfelt message to her late Gogo, letting her know she’s married.

That was when Mzansi knew she was married. She never announced her wedding, so she probably got married secretly. Two years earlier, the pair had got engaged in the Maldives.

TRIVIA: She had dated celebs like and before settling down with Shawn Rodrigues. Also, she had once stated that she was abused while she was in a relationship with someone she didn’t name.

Twin Sister

It has been said that having sisters is like having treats to life. This probably applies to Amanda Du-pont, who has twin sisters named Adele-Kim and Kayleigh Du Pont. Although known for keeping her private life private, Amanda Du-Pont occasionally shows off her sisters online.


Amanda Du-Pont has no child yet. There have been report online about her “babies,” but the “babies” referenced are not human.

One of the “babies” was a Range Rover Sport, which she got when she became a brand ambassador for the luxury SUV brand. “I love my new baby! 🤍 This is definitely God’s Grace,” she had written on Instagram, sharing a picture of her new ride.

Another is her “fur baby” – or dog – called Dior. The dog reportedly had back pain and was taken to the vet. It died soon after, in January 2021. She described the dog as having the purest of souls as well as been being used to the soft life.

“RIP to my baby Dior. We lost her last night. I am broken and have been crying all night,” she posted online after the death.


Amanda Du-Pont is an unapologetic athlete of the soft life. And she doesn’t hide this. She reportedly lives in a splendid mansion worth about R4 million.

She has shared a couple of pictures of the apartment. She is especially chuffed with the dining area. She had shared a picture of the place on Instagram, detailing her love of the ambience created.


The Skeem Saam actress is Swazi but has a deep ancestry covering Portuguese and Chinese, and French. She has spent so long in South Africa that she now has dual citizenship.

Contact Details

Amanda Du-Pont has not made her personal phone number public. She may, however, be reached on her social media channels, where is active, including Tit Tok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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