Andile Ncube Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, Kids, Radio Career, House & Cars

Basic Information

Stage Name: Andile Ncube
Real Name: Andile Ncube
Occupation:  Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Studied journalism at Pretoria Technikon (Polytech)

Andile Ncube Biography

Andile Ncube is a South African media personality and reality show host. Born in Johannesburg, it wasn’t a perfect start for him, as his parents divorced when he was just 12, leaving him and his two siblings to stay with his mother.

But Nadile Ncube had big dreams, and he was confident enough to chase them despite the setbacks of childhood. He enrolled at the Pretoria Technikon (Polytech), where he studied journalism and soo launched into the world of media, both television and radio.

In the intervening years, he had risen to one of the key media personalities in the Rainbow Nation.


Born in 1981, Andile Ncube is currently 41 years, he celebrated his birthday in October.


Andile Ncube has had his fair share of women. His odyssey covers time with girlfriends like Katlego Danke, Rosette Mogomotsi (with whom he has his first child, a girl), and Ayanda Thabethe, whom he married and broke up with after two years.

In April this year, it was claimed that he was dating Pearl Modiade. But then in November, it was announced that he was expecting a child with Sebabatso Mothibi, who should be the current girlfriend given the timeline of events

Net Worth

Drag him all you like, the media personality wouldn’t dwell on issues regarding his net worth. This leaves the field open for fans and others to do the guessing and estimation. Well, conservative estimates put his net worth at $1 million.


There is no set salary for all media personalities. Your salary depends on your appeal and what you can negotiate as a person. So there is bound to be disparity among media personalities, even those working in the same organization.

So it is unclear exactly what Andilce Ncube takes home as salary.


It has been said that kids sometimes end up reliving their parents’ lives. That has been Andile Ncube’s reality as an adult. His parents divorced when he was just 12 years old, and he had to live with his mother. The media personality himself separated from his lover Ayanda Thabethe after just two years of marriage.

Details about his parents are just not out there.


The media personality has had his fair share of women and fathered two kids from different ladies. He had a nine-year-old daughter called Gabrielle from his relationship with Rosette Mogomotsi, a South African model and actress.

He also has Andile Ncube also has a son named Sebabatso Mothibi, the result of his relationship with socialite Sebabatso Mothibi. The two broke up soon after the child was born.

Radio Career

Many know him in the orbit of television only, But Andile Ncube’s expertise transcends the big screen. He is also a notable radio personality and doing well in that space.

He is, for instance, the host of Sports Night Amplified with Andile Ncube on Metro FM, which airs every weekday between 6 pm and 7 pm. On that show, like in his other presenting adventures, he stands out.

House & Cars

Andile Ncube has not been particularly loud about his possessions, including his house. Details about his crib are therefore scanty. However, if the pictures of him lounging at home are anything to go by, then he lives in a magnificent space. The location is, however, unknown.

Interestingly, the media personality has an abiding love for cars and has never hidden that love. It’s unclear how many cars he has. However, one car that cannot be missed is his BMW M4, which reportedly cost him almost R1 million. He is one of the South African celebs with a love for the Bimmer.

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