Answers To Cassper Nyovest’s 21 Questions

Cassper Nyovest is one of the most popular rappers from South Africa, and it appears like fans can’t stop asking questions about the man, his music, his life, everything.

This article will answer the 21 questions fans have often asked about the “Good for That” chanter.

1. Is Cassper Nyovest a billionaire?

The billionaires club is what many aspire to, but only a few eventually make it there. And no, Cassper Nyovest isn’t a billionaire yet. He, however, aspires to be a billionaire one day.

2. Is Cassper Nyovest married?

No, Cassper Nyovest isn’t married at the time of writing. He has, however, not ruled out getting married soon. He’s   currently in a relationship with beauty influencer Thobeka Majozi

3. Is Cassper Nyovest rich?

By South African standards, Cassper Nyovest is indeed a rich man. His worldly goods, comprising a Bentley, a Rolls Royce, a McLaren and a mansion, among others, are indicators of his wealth.

4. Is Cassper Nyovest Malawian

Historically, yes. The songster on s detailed how his grandfather walked with a group from Malawi to South Africa and settled there. So Malawi is still home to him.

5. Is Cassper Nyovest a father?

Yes, Cassper Nyovest is a father now. His girlfriend Thobeka Majozi gave birth to their only child Khotso Izwe Simba Phoolo on September 13, 2021

6. Who are Cassper Nyovest’s parents

Cassper Nyovest’s parents are alive at the time of writing. He has a particularly deep bond with his father, Letsebela Phoolo, and he immortalised him in a song dubbed “Superman.” His mother is a woman known as Muziki Phoolo.

7. Does Cassper Nyovest have a private jet?

No, Cassper Nyovest doesn’t have a private jet yet. At this point in his career, he goes by commercial flight but hasn’t ruled out getting a plane later.

8. Did Cassper Nyovest finish school?

Cassper Nyovest’s education has always been a subject of interest. He didn’t finish school in the sense that he didn’t attend  university. The highest he went was high school.

9. Did Cassper Nyovest buy a McLaren?

Yes, Cassper Nyovest did buy a McLaren. He showed off the same on his Instagram page, but some critics doubted he purchased it. The dealership where he got the whip had to intervene and clarify that he indeed purchased the vehicle.

10. Did Cassper Nyovest buy a Ferrari

Not yet. But Ferrari is still the dream for the muso.

11. Did Cassper Nyovest fill up FNB?

He held a concert at the 90,000 capacity stadium but could only sell 68,000 tickets.

12. Cassper Nyovest buy a Rolls Royce?

Yes, he bought a Rolls Royce to celebrate his birthday.

13. Did Cassper Nyovest date Minnie Dlamini?

They never dated, but he expressed that he was sad when she married Quinton Jones.

14. Does Cassper Nyovest have a child?

Yes — Khotso Izwe Simba Phoolo.

15. Does Cassper Nyovest have a twin brother?

No. But he has a brother who is now late.

16. What’s Cassper Nyovest’s net worth?

Cassper Nyovest’s exact net worth is unknown. However, he’s known to be a multimillionaire and one of the wealthiest South African musicians out there.

17. How did Cassper Nyovest get rich?

Cassper Nyovest got rich by giving people what they want — entertainment — releasing songs and albums, growing his brand and getting endorsement deals.

18. How old is Cassper Nyovest?

Born in 1990, Cassper Nyovest is currently 31 years. He’ll be 32 in December.

19. How tall is Cassper Nyovest?

Cassper Nyovest is often mocked for his height. But he docents much care. He’s said to be 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

20. How much is Cassper Nyovest Bentley?

Cassper Nyovest loves Bentleys and had two of them (of different colours) at some point. The current value of his Bentley Bentayga Mansory is about $332k

21. Is Cassper Nyovest richer than AKA?

Cassper takes greater delight in showing off his possessions, unlike AKA. There’s not enough data to determine which musician is more affluent.

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