Aubrey Modiba Biography: Age, Salary, Net Worth, Stats, Place Of Birth, Parents, Cars & House

Basic Information

Stage Name: Aubrey Modiba
Real Name: Postman
Occupation: Professional footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Aubrey Modiba Biography

Aubrey “Postman” Modiba is a South African professional footballer who currently plays for local PSL side Mamelodi Sundowns. He was born in Polokwane, Limpopo, and raised by a single mother.

His interest in football dates back to when he was much younger, and he was committed enough to be picked for the under-20 soccer team, from when he was promoted to the national team, where he retains a shirt to this day.

A man deeply influenced by his past and by the lives of other soccer players, Aubrey has learned enough to know that there is life after football and he is saving towards that life and not squandering his earnings like many past players had done,


Aubrey Modiba was born in July 1995, so he is currently 27 but will be 28 in a couple of months


Most players would readily tell you that there is so much money in football and some would rather keep mum, especially about how much they earn. Aubrey Modiba belongs to the “silent league.” He wouldn’t say how much he earns. Anyway, he is part of a club that is said to pay its players decent wages. So he is likely earning something he is cool with.

Net Worth

When people become celebrities or public figures, there is a marked increase in interest in them, including how much they are worth. The same is true with Aubrey Modiba. But the footballer is mostly indifferent about discussions of net worth. This leaves the public to do all the talking/

Some sources put his net worth at $300k while others state his market value is €1.20m.


Stats give insights into so many areas in an athlete’s career, and without them, it would be hard to have an accurate assessment of a player. For this reason, players work pretty hard to get impressive stats. But, of course, not everyone ends up having that.

In the 2022/2023 season, Aubrey Modiba played for about 935 minutes, scored one goal and made 2 assists. He also played fourteen matches in the same period in the left-back position.

Place Of Birth

Aubrey Modiba was born in Polokwane (former Pietersburg), which happens to be the capital city of the Limpopo province. English Afrikaans, Sepedi, TshTsonga, TshiVenda, and IsiNdebele are among the languages spoken in this city, which also stands out as one of the host cities for the 2010 World Cup.


Not much is known about Aubrey Modiba’s father. However, his mother, Magdalene, is always in the picture and has a closer relationship with her son. She raised him as a single parent and did a good job at it, encouraged by her mother Florah and her grandmother Selinah, They all formed part of Aubrey’s foundation.

Today, Aubrey speaks fondly of his mother. He built a very big for her years ago and noted that she was very happy with the building. After that, he shifted his focus to getting his own house.

Cars &

Cars and houses have often been compared to windows into a person’s station in life. For his reason, some notable figures are usually particular about the houses to live in and the car they drive. For Aubrey Modiba, though, the place he lives in is still much of a mystery to many out there, as he is not really loud about it.

Aubrey Modiba is not too loud when it comes to cars. The midfielder is content to roll through town in his Volkswagen Polo. He has his life all played out and wouldn’t want to squander his money as many had done in their prime in the game.

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