Aubrey Qwana Biography, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Girlfriend

All you should know about Aubrey Qwana's Biography, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Relationships

Basic Information

Stage Name: Aubrey Qwana
Real Name: Aubrey Qwana
Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, Designer
Date Of Birth/Age: Not Specified
Place of Birth: Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Unknown


Aubrey Qwana is South African Afro Soul musician. He is popular for blending various music genres including Mbaqnaga, Maskandi, Arna Zion, Hip Hop and R&B into his sound. Aubrey Qwana’s music is quite personal. He is famous for sharing personal experiences and life stories through his songs. This is endeared him to his fans.

Aubrey is currently one of South Africa’s most sort after artists for collaborations in the music industry. He has released several hit songs, and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

In 2019, Aubrey Qwana was involved in a near-death experience after his car burst into flames in Johannesburg. The incident was reported to have happened while he was on his way back from Denver with his manager. Along Main Reef Road off-ramp, his Mercedes Benz C-Class suddenly caught fire.

He revealed that his manager, Celimpili Manyarhi was driving at the time of the incident. According to reports, the entire car got burnt. No injuries were sustained. Aubrey is reported to have called the accident a result of witchcraft. The was not reported to the police as the car was not insured. The car was said to be worth around R700,000.

Family & Beginnings

Aubrey Qwana was born and raised in Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal. He has made a steady rise to recognition in the music industry, dropping several hit songs and claiming more fans to himself.

He is popular for his vocal delivery of tribal flavours in his music. It has drawn him closer to his fans, and gained him an even bigger fanbase.

Aubrey’s popularity took a whole new turn in 2019, when he recorded and released several hit songs including “Ngaqonywa (Remix)” featuring DJ Tira, “Uhamba Nobani” featuring Sho Madjozi, and more.

Ngaqonnywa became a monster hit, and spread like wild across South Africa. Aubrey released the impressive “Unplugged EP” in April 2020 via Sound African Recordings. The EP was well appreciated by fans. He is currently in the process of releasing another one titled “Imvula Mlomo EP”.


Aubrey Qwana has not said much about his schooling. Information about his childhood has also not been made public.

Musical Milestones

Aubrey Qwana has released several mildly successful songs. In 2019, he gained a lot of attention for his monster hit song “Ngaqonywa (Remix)” featuring DJ Tira. The success of the song drew him further into the spotlight.

He has collaborated with various notable names in the South African music industry including Stilo Magolide, Major League, Makwa Beats, and Emtee.


Unplugged EP (2020)

Imvula Mlomo EP (2020)




Ngakwenzani ft. Emtee

Ngicel’ ubuye

Uhamba Nobani ft.

Performances & Media Presence

Aubrey Qwana is known for his entertaining Live performances which has drawn a lot of fans to him. He is also active on social media with several thousand followers across his social media accounts. He also interacts with his fans who are mostly young people.


Aubrey Qwana has not been vocal about his romantic relationships. He only focused on the music.

Net Worth

Aubrey Qwana’s actual worth is not public at the moment. However, based on what he has in his musical portfolio and future sales out look, his performance on major streaming services, his net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 – $3 Million.

Songs Download, Stream, Buy & Watch

Aubrey Qwana’s songs are available on all major digital downloads and music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, Deezer and many more.

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