Basani Maluleke Biography: Age, Husband, Siblings, Qualifications, Father, Capitec Career, Net Worth & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Basani Maluleke
Real Name: Basani Maluleke
Occupation: South African Banker
Date Of Birth/Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Soshanguve, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Education: BCom, LLB (University of Cape Town), MBA (Kellogg)

Basani Maluleke Biography

Basani Maluleke is a banker, gender rights and social justice advocate who made history as the first black female to lead a bank in the Rainbow Nation.

With an MBA from Kellogg, Basani Maluleke was primed to conquer the world of finance. And she did that with ease, snapping leadership positions in several banking institutions before finally settling at Capiteec.


If you’re keen to know Basani Maluleke’s actual age, it’ll be a difficult one. Her exact date of birth is unknown. She’s thought to have been born in the 1970s, however.


Basani Maluleke has managed to keep many aspects of her life private, including who her husband might be. She’s thought to have married and sired children as well. The details are stuff she wouldn’t volunteer.


Basani Maluleke came from a family of four kids, who are just as accomplished. She has two sisters and a brother. One of her sisters is Tsakani Maluleke, an accomplished chartered accountant and auditor general of South Africa.

A recent report by the World Bank indicated she’s one of the two truly independent auditors general in the world.


Basani Maluleke has never hidden her love for education. She’s one of the most qualified bankers out there, with a master of business administration (MBA) from Kellogg Business school.


Basani Maluleke’s father raised his kids in Soshanguve and then moved with them to Johannesburg later on. Basani Maluleke’s parents were retailers, and young Basani would pop in the shop now and then to help them.

Later, George Maluleke would become a lawyer and an inspiration to his daughter Basani, who would note in an interview that she got her work ethic from him.

Capitec Career

Before joining Capitec Bank, Basani Maluleke held several key finance positions in South Africa. She was the first black CEO of a South African bank, the African Bank. She resigned from her role in January.

Her resignation led to an outcry at the time, with many people calling it a significant loss for women. However, in retrospect, it wasn’t precisely a significant loss, as Basani Maluleke snapped another prestigious position in what she called the best bank in Mzansi: Capitec.

While working at the African Bank, she and her team considered Capitec a significant threat and the bank to beat. She thinks Capitec is the bank every other South African bank should strive to best.

Basani Maluleke is excited to be at Capitec, a place she says is full of like-minded people. She expressed her admiration for how Capitec has fared in the past two decades, as well as the bank’s plan to be the very best in the world.

Net Worth

For one who had called the shots in several finance positions in South African and been the head of an important bank, Basani Maluleke isn’t doing badly. Of course, she would not be caught speaking about her net worth, but then she’s one of the most affluent females living in the Rainbow Nation.

While her exact net worth is unknown, and she wouldn’t comment on that, conservative estimates put her net worth at $7 million.

Contact Details

Basani Maluleke is not someone you can easily ring up if you’re not somebody yourself. This is because her phone number and email are not public. However, she’s active on Twitter, so that she might be reached via that medium by a direct message or by a mention.

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