Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3: Who Is Gashi1

Discover all you need to know about Gash1, one of the handsome Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3 housemates contending for the R2 million Prize alongside 17 other hopeful housemates. We will be revealing to you Gash1’s real name, age, place of birth, hobbies, what he does for a living, and a bunch of other stuff that would interest you about him.

This year’s edition of Big Brother Mzansi comes with a different, special feel because the show has been away from our screens for quite a number of years. The same feeling the return of a long-lost lover brings. Everyone is geeked and geared up to see what this third edition of the show would turn out to be. So far it’s been very entertaining and viewers from all over the country have been glued to their television screens, enjoying great content and drama that a show of that caliber should present us with. Safe to say it’s been living up to expectations.

Housemates are indeed making it clear, by the way, they’ve been playing the game, that they have their eyes on the ball, a whopping R2Million! A sum large enough to inspire focus in the most unserious person. With that much at stake, it is tunnel vision for everyone in the house including Gash1, whose real name is Gershwin Mthombeni, a 28-year-old fashion designer and entrepreneur. He originally hails from Pretoria, South Africa. He fancies himself a person with varied interests and talents.

Gershwin describes himself as a very artistic creative that wields the rare natural ability to think outside the box. As a deeply spiritual individual, he enjoys giving people advice and motivation. He disclosed that he is only “going to be me”, and will do his best to try and win the audience over by motivating them to follow their dreams. Now, that is one great strategy! As to what keeps him motivated on his Big Brother journey, he says it is the money, pure and simple. You truly can’t fault an honest guy.

He already has mapped out plans for the money should he win it. He made it known of his intentions to fund a few entrepreneurial projects. He believes the Big Brother experience is a platform for growing himself. He says that his fellow Housemates should expect a lot of noise, as he is a talker who loves to flirt a lot with ladies. A fun guy to watch out for.

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