Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3: Who Is Nthabi

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3’s Nthabi: Bio Data

Real Name Nthabiseng Mothutsi
A.k.A Nthabi
Gender Male
Age 27 (2022)
Occupation Student, Athlete
Nationality South African
Hometown Pretoria via Polokwane
Hobby Coloring

The Big Brother Mzansi reality show is currently the talk of the Rainbow Nation. Since the show began last week, it had kept viewers glued to their seats, with many stating they would do anything not to miss the drama.

Last Sunday was to have been an eviction day – already, the word out there was that it would be a fake eviction. And that was what it was, ultimately. You might think of it as a twist – which it is, in a sense.

With QV announcing her exit to take care of her mental health, Biggie had brought in two new housemates without prior announcement. One of them is Vyno, and the other is, well, Nthabii.

Because he’s one of the new faces in the Big brother Mzansi house, Nthabii has been an object of great curiosity – not just to the housemates but to viewers as well. Below we share some key facts about the new housemate.

She’s Competitive and Fearless

Nthabii is no pushover. She’s as competitive as they come, and she does whatever she wants, kicking away anything that stands in her way. Thi much some of her fans have already acknowledged when she stepped into the Big Brother Mzansi House, as you can see below.

She Loves A Good Time Out with Friends

Dor the out-of-doors, you can count Nthabii in any day, anytime. She loves sharing drinks with friends, generally unwinding, and having a good time. So you can think of her as another gregarious companion. She is.

She’s Loud

With Nthabii there are no boring moments. She confesses to being loud but clarifies that it’s not her worst trait. She also admitted that some people find her loud trait annoying. But then she’s who she is.

She’s an Athlete and a Netball Nut

Nthabii is crazy about athletics, but her key focus is netball. Whenever she’s not training, she’s out there with friends having a convivial time over drinks.

She’s the Only Child of Her parents

Where some peeps have others they call biological brothers and sisters, Nthabii has none. She’s the only child of her parents. The common assumption is that her competitive spirit stemmed from her having no brothers and sisters.

True or false, Nthabii has big dreams of going home with the R2 million prize money.

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