Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3: Who Is Sis Tamara

Find out everything you should know about Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3 contestant, Sis Tamara. Here are full details from her name to her occupation, place of birth, hobbies, and her strategy in the Big Brother house.

We knew our year was made when the Big Brother Mzansi show announced its comeback earlier in the year. Fans of the show had waited expectantly for it to make its return to our screens after it had been on hiatus for a few years since its last season. Finally, it returned on a Sunday, the 23rd day of January 2022, and social media blew up with excited reactions.

The show also debuted a new host, actor, and presenter, who stepped into the shoes of his predecessor, Lungile Radu. Maleka, although being a first-time host, handled his job with so much professionalism, and gave Mzansi a lot to be grateful for.

One by one, he introduced the housemates to the stage, where he had a quick chat with them before sending them into the Big Brother house to compete against each other. 18 hopeful housemates all entered the house including the very daring and confident Sis Tamara who stole the show on her first night.

Sis Tamara’s real name is Ukho Samela and he goes by the pronouns he/him/she / her / they/them. He is among the 18 housemates competing for the grand prize of R2 million (the equivalent of Nigeria’s N54 million). We do say that Sis Tamara is already a fan favourite, and one of the most talked-about on social media.

Sis Tamara is a 22-year-old final year Film and Television student who hails from Johannesburg and Queenstown. He is of the LGBT community and describes himself as a “gender non-conforming experience”. He has gained praise for representing well on the show. Sis Tamara has various interests, and he seems to have done a lot. He also describes himself as a very bubbly person who easily vibes with other people. He is most passionate about trans and queer representation.

About his appearance on the Big Brother Mzansi show, he has called it an opportunity to start conversations, and bring awareness to topics of identity all over the country. He has also described himself as an energetic overachiever. Speaking about his strategy in the Big Brother Mzansi house, he has said he has none. He merely hopes that people might just love him and vote for him.

Sis Tamara is also a very talented dancer who knows how to own the floor all by himself. He has quickly gained fans all over the country for his contagious energy, daring fashion sense, and very entertaining personality. Check out Sis Tamara’s introduction video into the show below

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