Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3: Who Is Venus?

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 S3’s Venus: Bio Data

Full name Thobeka Mtshali
A.K.A Venus
Gender Female
Age 25 (2022)
Occupation Aspiring Musician, Bartender
Nationality South African
Hometown Durban
Hobby Writing, Singing

Big Brother Mzansi is currently trending in South Africa. Well, it should, given that the reality show is actually a hive of drama. Currently, in its third season, the show has 18 contestants who will vie for the grand prize at the end of the day.

One of the housemates of the show some fans have taken particular notice of is Venus (real name Thobeka Mtshali). The fair-complexioned star in many things in one, and she’s not afraid the world should know this.

If you’re not familiar with her previously or just want to savor new details about her, you may want to read on and meet the Venus you probably never knew.

She’s An Aspiring Musician

Venus has got grand music aspirations that she’s taking seriously. If you haven’t heard about her and her music previously, you’re not alone. But then her devotion is patently obvious.

She’s a skilled piano player and will most likely be found playing the same in her spare time. She loves creating beats, too, and just might be the go-to person for those looking for beats but without the budget to hire big names in the music industry.

She’s Spontaneous

Where most people appear to fit into a mold, Venus stands out for her spontaneous personality. On her personality, she had once noted that you don’t really know what you’re gonna get.

If that infuses your heart with terror, you’d best relax. She’s a happy soul who couldn’t go out to hurt anyone. She’s richly layered as a person.

She Loves To Write And She Doesn’t Have An OnlyFans Account.

Besides singing and making beats, Venus is also a writer and we mean that in many ways. She’s a writer of music, a writer of poetry, and she writes whenever she gets the chance.

Venus is no flesh merchant and certainly hadn’t made it to the Big Brother Show on the strength of an OnlyFans account. Far from it. That said, she doesn’t hesitate to express herself by wearing sexy outfits, including slacks.

Already, she’s got a dedicated following on the Big Brother Mzansi net. It remains to be seen if the dedication of her fans and followers will translate to going home with the Big Brother Mzansi season 3 prize. For now, Venus is having a swell time with other housemates on the reality show

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