Blue Mbombo

Biography, Age, Real Name, Big Brother, Soccer Boyfriend, Parents, House & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Blue Mbombo
Real Name: Blue Thandi Mbombo
Occupation: Creative, Model, Reality Television Star, Businesswoman
Date Of Birth/Age: 17 December 1989
Place of Birth: Kutlwanong, Free State, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Blue Mbombo Biography

Blue Mbombo is a South African model, creative and media personality, and famous in those roles. Also known as Blue Duchess, she had changed the “Azul” part of her given name to its English translation “Blue” because people had difficulty pronouncing the Portuguese.

She started nursing interest in the entertainment industry when she was little and managed to clinch a role as a brand ambassador for New Look Hair Salon. Her modeling career began with her feature on Diamond in the Rough. She has not looked back.


Blue Mbombo was born in 1989, so she’s currently 31 years. However, she’ll be 32 in December, and she’s so looking forward to the occasion.

On her birthday last year, Blue, who has a twin sister called Brown, wrote an emotional note to her twin and herself, thanking God for the blessing called her sister, whom she described as her best friend.

Real Name

Many have often wondered if Blue is the given name of this television personality – or if she just adopted it along the way, something that’s pretty common with those in the entertainment industry.

Well, last we checked, Blue Mbombo’s real name is Azul Thandi Mbombo. She’s of mixed ancestry, with some Portuguese blood flowing in her veins.

Big Brother Mzansi

Blue Mbombo has had an exciting life journey. At some point, determined to break into the entertainment world, she auditioned for Big Brother Mzansi, a reality television show that often shows housemates fulfilling their amorous fantasies.

It was reported that her then-boyfriend Onyekachi Okonkwo opposed her going for the reality show and gave her an ultimatum to choose him or the reality show. Blue was more invested in her career and the world the reality show might open up to her, so she ditched her boyfriend for Big Brother Mzansi.

Soccer Boyfriend

Blue Mbombo’s soccer boyfriend is Mpumalanga Black Aces midfielder Onyekachi Okonkwo.


Blue Mbombo was brought up by parents who had robust faith in her ability to rise above her challenges. Sadly her father passed away when she and her twin were still young. She, alongside her sister, rose above the tragedy and became famous. Before his death, Mr Mbombo had encouraged his daughters to learn English to excel. They did.


Contrary to what many might think, especially given her current success, Blue Mbombo didn’t have it easy growing up. When her father died, her mother had to assume his responsibility, caring for them all she could. Recalling this period during a conversation with Destiny Connect, she noted that they lived in a shack most of their lives. All that has changed now, thanks to her hard work and that of her twin sister.

Years ago, in collaboration with her sister Brown, she had built a home for her family. About the property, she’s very emotional, only volunteering that a person’s background does not determine their person’s future.

Contact Details

If you want Blue Mbombo’s contact details, she’s made that easy for you. The media personality has got an email by which she might be reached professionally:

For those who want to shout her out, she’s also available on social media, especially Instagram, with over 865k followers. So she might be reached via a direct message or mention on that platform.

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