Boity Thulo Biography: Age, Boyfriend, House, Cars, Education, Net Worth, Hairstyles & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Boity
Real Name: Boitumelo Thulo
Occupation: Rapper, Influencer, Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth/Age: 28 April 1990
Place of Birth: Potchefstroom, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: In a relationship
Education: Monash University

Boity Thulo Biography

Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo is a South Africa rapper, actress, television personality, and entrepreneur who stands out in her adopted roles.

Boity’s is your perfect rags to riches story. The millennial had her and secondary education, but the fund was just not there for her university education, so she dropped out, leaping into the world of modeling.

Other roles followed. In 2011, she became co-presenter (alongside Stevie French) of “The Media Career Guide Show” on SABC1.

In the intervening years, she has worked her way into one of the most visible faces in South African music and fashion.


Born in 1990, Boity is currently 31 years. This year, her birthday in April drew the cream of South African entertainment, including her sangoma mother, with whom she apparently shares a deep bond.


Boity has had her fair share of men, and there has never been a shortage of men vying for a relationship with her. But she’s picky about who she goes out with. She had previously dated Family Tree CEO Cassper Nyovest.

At some point, because she was almost always to be found in the company of the entrepreneur Maps Maponyane, people were speculating she was dating the man. But, of course, it turned out they were just friends – or maybe nothing came out of the relationship.

At any rate, at the time of writing this, she was dating the actor Anton Jeftha. Boity is fond of teasing her man only. At one point, she had joked that he wasn’t hot enough.


Back in 2016, Boity had announced on social media that she had acquired a house on her 26th birthday. She shared snaps of the house – described as a mansion by many. Soon after, though, she had taken down all the pictures she shared of the house. Reports indicated the house was sold.

At any rate, she has another fine crib she calls home.


If a list of car-loving Mzansi celebs were to be made, Boity would certainly be on that list. Not only does she roll in exotic cars, but there are also cars she has dreams of one day acquiring. She recently shared an image of the Ferrari 812 Superfast Diabolical, 812 GTS with a “Yoh!” scream, indicating she wouldn’t mind one right now.

Anyway, she owns several cars and appears to be a great lover of Mercs (as South Africa’s Mercedes Benz connoisseurs affectionately call the brand).

On her 23rd birthday years ago, she had bought for herself a Mercedes Benz AMG. Sharing the image of the whip, she had stated that she is always  and forever grateful, ending with the hashtag #OwnYourThrone

Two years later, on her 25th birthday, she gifted herself another Mercedes (coupe), which she affectionately called Angelina.

In 2019, she had looked away from Mercs, buying herself a Lumma Range Rover Sport V8. An excited Boity had also shared an image of the SUV on Instagram, letting her fans know that her “incredible baby” was finally with her. She named the car Esther.

Also, in 2019, Boity had affirmed her love for the Mercedes brand by buying her mother a red Mercedes Benz Coupe for her birthday. Modiehi Thulo was emotional receiving the gift from her daughter.


Born in Potchefstroom, Boity attended the high school there and then Potchefstroom Girls High School. After high school, she had been admitted to Monash University to study psychology and criminology, but she dropped out soon after because her mother could not afford her fees.

Thereafter, she joined a casting agency and got trained as a model, which enabled her to appear in a commercial in 2010. Her lack of strong educational background notwithstanding, she has made great strides in South Africa.

Net Worth

Boity may be in her 30s, but she’s also one of the most successful out there. But, despite her success, she can’t be caught dead bragging about her net worth. Actually, the numbers flying out there are guesstimates at best.

All the same, she’s doing great as an entrepreneur and musician, and key industry figures rank her among the millionaires in the industry.


Boity is no hair fanatic. She styles her hair as she pleases. The younger Boity was mostly natural. Now she wears weaves and other attachments. And yes, they look good on her.

Contact Details

Boity is active on social media, including Instagram and Twitter, documenting aspects of her life and success. So, on those media, she’s just a mention or direct message away.

She’s not released a phone number and email by which she might be reached directly. In that case, professional enquiries might be directed through the record label to which she is signed, Def Jam Africa.

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