Brad Binder Biography, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Height, School, Brother, Standing, Cars & Merchandise

Basic Information

Stage Name: Brad Binder
Real Name: Brad Binder
Occupation: Athlete: Grand Prix Motorcycle Racer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Potchefstroom, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: In a relationship

Brad Binder Biography

Brad Binder is a South African athlete and motorcycle racing buff who currently holds the 8th position in MotoGP.

A part of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Binder’s interest in racing dates back to when he was much younger, and he was committed enough to his dreams to stick it out until he emerged as a force in the Grand Prix.

While he has been around for several years, 2016 is often pointed to as one of his best years ever, for that was when he won the Moto3 World Championship.


Brad Binder was born in August 1995, which means he’s currently 27 years. He’d be 28 in a couple of months.

Net Worth

One area of Brad Binder’s life that he would rather not dwell on is his net worth. While he would rather keep quiet on that, multiple reports indicate he has a net worth of $5 million.


Sportsmen, especially the best of them, earn pretty high. Brad Binder is no exception. While he wouldn’t dwell in conversations about his earning, the public has been doing the talking, with his salary said to be around $280k per annum.


When you’re among the top athletes out there with the cheddar rolling in, the ladies almost always scramble to locate your heart’s address. Binder appears to be off the shelf, though, as he’s known to have a wonderful relationship with Courtney Renniers.

They have been in a relationship for years, but he only started flaunting his “little rocket” in 2022.


In motorcycle sports, height is not the most critical factor. But then, this is no sport for dwarves. Anyway, Brad Binder might be counted on the tall side, standing at 1.70 metres.


Brad Binder is a testament to the saying that one doesn’t need to be the mode educated to be accomplished. His name might not feature among the most educated South Africans, but he has done well in every sense of the word as one who attended a home school centre.


Brad Binder has a younger brother called Darryn, who is also a motorcycle racer. The brothers had competed alongside each other in Moto3 in March 2015 and 2016. Both run a brand merchandise store online.


Standing in the art of racing is a rider’s position compared to other riders. It might be said that Brad Binder isn’t doing badly as he pops at 8th place in the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, just below J. Zarco of France. While the South African has 10 points, Zarco is ahead of him with 15 points at the time of writing.


Most athletes stand out as much for their skills in their sports of focus as for their love for cars. But is that the same with Brad Binder? The man’s history is so wrapped around his racing that his personal rarely features in the conversation. Anyway, he’s said to own a Mercedes Benz, among other cars.


Nowadays, it is almost traditional for celebrities, especially athletes and entertainers, to launch merchandise to promote their brands. We see this manifest daily all around the world.

Brad Binder is one man who has taken the merchandising route as well. He has a band named for him that sells clothing with his insignia (33, stylised for double “BB” to represent his first and surname.

T-shirts and tank tops, face caps and neck warmers are among the offerings.

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