Brenda Ngxoli Biography: Age, Husband, Sangoma, House, Sickness, Child, Car, Movies & Hometown

Basic Information

Stage Name: Brenda Ngxoli
Real Name: Bongiwe Brenda Ngxoli
Occupation: Actress
Date Of Birth/Age: 3 July 1981
Place of Birth: Kalk Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Cape Town

Brenda Ngxoli Biography:

Brenda Ngxoli is a South African actress, dancer and director with over two decades odyssey in the movie industry.

Brenda has always had a thing for acting and started her adventures in that space early enough. I’m her acting odyssey, she had had several unsavoury experiences but remains unfazed by them all.

Regarded as one of South Africa’s notable actresses, she has won awards and been nominated for others, including the prestigious International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress.


Brenda Ngxoli was born in 1981, which makes her 41 years at the time of writing. She will be 42 in July.


She may have had a successful acting career, but her relationship life is way different. She has been in and out of relationships but has never been married. So, yes, she had no husband at the time of writing.

Although now in her 40s, she hasn’t ruled out getting married.


It is almost the norm these days for South African celebrities to “answer the call” of their ancestors and become sango as or local healers. Brenda Ngxoli is one such celeb.

“Yes, I went through the sangoma initiation process called ukuthwasa,” she admitted in one of her interviews but refused to be bushed into details. She, however, encourages people to explore their spirituality as Africans.


Once upon a time, she was your regular city lady, but Brenda Ngxoli decided to move to rural dwellings in Xolobe, Tsomo, Eastern Cape. At the time of her move, some tabloids had claimed that she was down and out that was the reason she left.

She was indifferent to people’s opinions about her move to the rural area, though. She had plan Ed this all along, investing in her farmhouse and she didn’t want to be chasing auditions while so facing the spectre of rent.


Brenda  Ngxoli has done 4hrougj a lot in life. But as she never ceases to affirm, she is still standing despite everything.

By her own account, as an actress, she has gone through a lot in the industry, including facing sexual abuse. But, for her peace of mind, she had had to forgive those who made her go through that.

As an actress, she suffered emotional and sexual abuse. She described herself as the first to get fondled and that those who did it to her did not apologise. But, well, life goes on


Brenda Ngxoli became a mother at 42 in 2022. It was a miracle baby of sorts because at 42 many thought she was too far gone to have a child.

She kept her pregnancy a secret, only announcing it on social media after she had five birth. You can now add mummy to my title of achievement, she had joked in a tweet bearing a picture of her fondly embracing her child.


Brand a Ngxoli is more interested in her rural life than in showing off what rides she owns. And since you’d rarely find her post about her rides, it’s near what cars she owns. She’s said to own a car, however.


Brenda Ngxoli has had a pretty eventful run as an actress, with an impressive repertoire. While she might not be too active on the scene at the moment, she has already taken enough film roles to stand her out.

Flicks and TV shows she has featured on include Nomonde, iThemba, Mole, See the Winter to My Skin, Lucky, Lindiwe, Spud, Innocence, Hustle, Pinky, and Ses’ Top La.


Brenda Ngxoli was born in Kalk Bay, which happens to be an area in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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